Your complete guide to lớn shipping khổng lồ và from Vietnam giới. Find the right route, get office locations, discover local solutions, payment options và more.

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Get up-to-date local information about export procedures & restrictions, demurrage and detention, container drop-offs & more.

Days 20’ DRY /IMO 40’ /40’HC /IMO 45’ DRY /IMO 20’ Flat and xuất hiện top / 40’ Flat và xuất hiện top 20’ REEF(**) / 40’ REEF/ HREEF (**)

(*) offered 2 days miễn phí Power/Plugging Charges beforeCY cut-off

(**) subject to the followingplugging charges

Port of loading Service Terminal Departure Time CY cut off / SI cut off VGM cut off (Digital submission)
Service contract agreementAll bookings with require that there is a valid rate (price) agreed for the shipment, and that all legal & documentation requirements will be met by the contracting parties. If you have sầu not had a service contract, quotation can be obtained from the website .


The main channel lớn place booking with us is using website when you have sầu registered on our website.

Besides, we have sầu option for you to lớn submit booking requests via tin nhắn to: vn.export


Booking confirmation will be sent to you via tin nhắn within 02 working hours upon receipt (04 working hours for booking via email), except for Dangerous cargo and Out-of-gauge cargo where a more detailed case-by-case examination is required which takes longer time.

Booking amendment can be made through the trang web within the turn-time of 01 working hour.

Empty container pick-up và stuffing

Empty container(s) is reserved at the depot name under load itinerary in booking confirmation. In case the depot name is "lớn be advised", you can tin nhắn to the designated Operations Department (this gmail address is specified on each booking confirmation) to know at which depot container(s) will be released to you against proof of identity & a copy of booking confirmation. The trucker should inspect the container and sign an Equipment Interchange Receipt (EIR) to affirm that the container is in good condition when released in his care.

*Full container delivery: Upon completion of stuffing, please use our specifically designated seal, which is delivered along with the container, khổng lồ seal the container. For security reason, this seal must not be changed. In case the seal needs to be changed (the seal is broken or the container needs khổng lồ be re-opened), please liên hệ for a replacement of seal và this change of seal should reflect in your documents. Shippers are required khổng lồ return the full container khổng lồ our container yards, fulfill customs declaration và registration to the port prior lớn CY Cut-off time, which is specified in the booking confirmation. Here the EIR is used once again. In case of any damage to the container, truckers have sầu khổng lồ sign to lớn verify the container"s condition before handing it over khổng lồ the port. Once the container has entered the terminal and customs formalities have been completed, shall take care of the container.


Any export customs documents will not be accepted as replacement for Shipping Instruction (SI) and failure to adhere to lớn the deadlines và procedure may result in shut-out at load port or misrouting with all expenses for shipper"s trương mục.

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All shipping instructions must be in English & can be submitted through the following channels:

EDI: your company"s own system

*Draft bills issuance: draft bills (verify copy) will be issued within 08 working hours upon receipt of proper & sufficient shipping instruction. Draft bills will be posted on the website and only Transport document receiver can view the documents. Draft bills can be sent via emails if you cannot tải về them from the website.

*E- draft bill revision: revision can be made through the website free-of-charge for the first time and if it is not relating khổng lồ a check with destination customs. Upon receipt of your request, a revision will be completed within 03 working hours. Transport Document Amendment fee will be applied from the 2nd amendment and still subject to the destination customs check.

In case of revision via email, you can sover your request to mnlgscamd Please note that Transport Document Amendment fee will be applied from the first request.

Invoice is now issuing E-invoices which can be downloaded from My Finance ( website) after feeder/vessel departure và draft bills have sầu been processed. Once payment has been settled và received, you can download the financial invoices from My finance (Paid Invoice).

Learn more about E-invoice here.

Late Payment Fee

Late payment fee at tariff 1% of prepaid outstanding (ocean freight and local surcharges) or minimum VND 500,000 per week, is applicable if the payment has not been settled within 7 days from vessel departure date.

Release Original bill of lading:

Release of Original bill of lading/ Seaway bill/ Telex release will be performed at"s offices upon receipt of full payment. We do not accept Release bill of lading against pay slip or payment order from banks. 


*List of restrictions for cargo ex Vietnam Weapons, ammunitions, explosive sầu materials (except industrial explosive materials), military technical equipment. Antiques. Narcotics. Toxic chemicals. Log, sawn timber from domestic natural forests; firewood, charcoal from timber or firewood originated from domestic natural forests. Wild animals and natural rare and precious plants & animals. Special-use coding machines and coded software programs used to lớn protect the State secrets.* List of imports and exports that require Trade Ministry"s permit: Ceramic và granite tiles sized from 400mm x 400mm downwards. Portl& cement and clinker. Colour & transparent glass sheets of 1.5-12mm thickness. Printing paper coded 4801; printing paper and unmasked paper coded 4802. Some sorts of construction steel. Purified vegetable oil. Purified và unrefined sugar. Complete two-wheel và three-wheel vehicles and SKD và CKD parts; incomplete vehicle frames. Vehicles of 16 seats downward.

Weight / Measurement

There are no limitations in any port as long as the weight does not exceed maximum allowable payload as per Container Safety Certificate (CSC) plate. must approve for acceptance beyond Container Yard (CY) due to lớn road and bridge limitations. 

Special Cargoes: Out-Of-Gauge (OOG), Break-Bulk (B/B), & Hazardous Cargo subject to lớn Sealand"s procedure and approval.

Others: will consider case by case for both dry & reefer cargo from Can Tho.