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Here in the US, it"s Girl enlightenment cookie season. This is once you acquire to invest a couple of bucks ~ above cookies, break your brand-new Year"s resolution around losing load ... And feel good about it, because the money"s going to a great cause. Or is it? - Let"s break down the numbers and also see!

Before we acquire started, here"s a fun photo from my girlfriend Matt. He posted this top top Facebook, and it"s exactly how I knew the cookie season to be upon us (note that these are instances of cookies, and also each instance contains several boxes!) I"m not sure whether he"s planning come eat them, or offer them - understanding Matt, I"m going to i think a small bit that both. :)


In a previous blog, you might recall the I an unified analytics and also Girl Scout cookie by developing a map mirroring which the the 2 bakers do the cookies marketed in each county in the US.

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In this blog post, let"s obtain down come dollars and also cents. Being a middle-aged guy and also working a workdesk job, I shot to no eat sweets & snacks, because I don"t want to end up being one of the almost 50% of american who space considered obese. So, as soon as my neighborhood Girl enlightenment troop sends representatives to market me some cookies, I"m thinking about just donating part money instead. But how much money should I donate, to compensate for the cookies I didn"t buy?

My an initial guess was the on a $4 box of cookies, the Girl Scouts more than likely makes $1 profit. However after i checked right into it, I uncovered out ns was not correct ... Way wrong. Follow to the Girl Scouts FAQ page, they actually make 65-75% profit, which method that around $3 from each $4 box goes come the Girl Scouts.

Here is it, laid the end in graphical form (hmm ... Perhaps I should have actually used a pie chart? ... I wonder if there"s together a thing as a cookie chart?)


And the FAQ ~ above their internet page says many of the benefit goes come the neighborhood council (which is commonly a team of counties within her state), and a smaller amount (10-20% of the profit) goes to the troop (that"s the regional club in her city/area). Ns was curious exactly which council our neighborhood Wake ar NC Girl scout troops to be in, so i did some Google searches in search of council maps. I found some maps for various other states, however none because that NC. I uncovered a Wikipedia web page with lists of counties in every council, however text perform of the 100 counties simply didn"t kind a great mental snapshot for me. For this reason I placed together some code to plot the data ~ above a map. Now I can quickly see the Wake county is in the coastal Pines the supervisory board (the light yellow color in the map below).

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But perhaps all this data image is just my effort to go on a tangent, instead of comment the real question. How much money should I donate, instead of to buy cookies? Well, if you to be going to buy 4 crate of cookie for a full of $16, ns guess if they do 75% benefit then $12 would certainly be a same donation, right? yet what around the intangible components (ones the can"t really be graphed)? right here are part other factors to consider, based upon info from their FAQ page:

When friend buy Girl reconnaissance Cookies, you power remarkable adventures and life-changing opportunities for girls—from trips to our nation"s capital to neighborhood projects, indigenous summer camp to charity donations. The an ext cookies friend buy, the an ext you help today’s girls transform right into tomorrow’s G.I.R.L.s (Go-getters, Innovators, Risk-takers, Leaders)™. And it"s about the an abilities a girl profit from interacting directly through you, the cookie customer! It"s about the suffer of running her an extremely own cookie business, working v others—and building a lifetime of confidence together she learns five skills (goals setting, decision making, money management, civilization skills, and business ethics) important to leadership, success, and also life. Girl Scouts also earn title (such together Cookie Business and also the financial Literacy) and program credits for selling cookies.

I don"t think donating money will accomplish many that those things in the same means that to buy the cookie would. And also then there"s the feeling of accomplishment - if you were a Girl Scout selling cookies, would you quite tell her friends "I sold 20 box of cookies" or "I gained a $60 donation"?

Still Hungry? Where space Your Girl Scout cookies Made?

When I began this blog post, mine goal to be to display that it would be far better to donate money 보다 buy cookies. But after studying the data & details, I"ve encouraged myself the the exact opposite - i recommend that you purchase the cookies! If girlfriend don"t want to eat them, I"m sure your co-workers will be happy to assist you with that! :-)

While we"re ~ above this topic - what"s your favorite Girl scout cookie? (now, or in the past)