For TV’s best stars, crucial roles on successful mirrors mean large paychecks — however the payoff doesn’t stop there. Once shows space syndicated, redistributed, exit on DVD, purchase by a streaming company or otherwise used past what the gibbs were originally paid for, those actors gain residual checks dubbed royalties.

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So, do all actors acquire paid for reruns? follow to the screen Actors Guild-American Federation the Television and Radio Artists, some do and some don’t. For principal performers, royalties deserve to lead to irreversible payoffs that trump the initial salary. Elevator actors, on the various other hand, i will not ~ be getting any kind of residual check in the mail.

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Last updated: December 22, 2020


Photo native the 1955 push party because that the television display I Love Lucy.

‘I Love Lucy’ Royalties

Over 60 year after the display went turn off the waiting in 1957, reruns of the groundbreaking sitcom “I Love Lucy” deserve to still be seen on CBS online and also the Hallmark Channel — and it continues to salary the earnings of TV executives.

In 2012, previous CBS chief executive, management Leslie Moonves boasted to a collection of bankers the “I Love Lucy” ongoing to pull in $20 million a year, the Los Angeles times reported.

Lucille Ball, the eponymous star the “I Love Lucy,” died in 1989.

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SANTA MONICA, CA - APRIL 14: (L-R) Actresses Susan Olsen and also Florence Henderson, actor Barry Williams, actress Maureen McCormick and actor Christopher Knight posture backstage in ~ the 5th Annual TV land Awards hosted at Barker Hangar top top April 14, 2007 in Santa Monica, California.

‘The Brady Bunch’ Royalties

Generations of children grew up v “The Brady Bunch,” and also you can proceed to watch reruns top top CBS online, Hulu and also the Hallmark Channel. The show, which ran from 1969 come 1974, is among the most successful in background — however it didn’t do the stars rich, according to one cast member.

Eve Plumb, who played january Brady, said OK! magazine in 2011 that the “biggest misconception is the we’re all wealthy from it, but we space not. We have not been paid because that reruns of the present for many, numerous years. We are not do money turn off of it in ~ all.”

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‘Frasier’ Royalties

In a 2004 interview v John Mahoney, who played martin Crane in “Frasier,” the Chicago Tribune wrote in referral to his salary and syndication royalties that “there’s sufficient in the financial institution to ensure that never needs to work again on other he’d rather not do.”

You can capture “Frasier” — which was among the many expensive TV shows to develop — top top the Hallmark Channel, Cozi TV and CBS Online.

Mahoney passed far in 2018 at period 77.

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UNIVERSAL CITY, CA - APRIL 19: actors (L-R) Zachary Ty Bryan, Taran boy name Smith, Richard Karn, Tim Allen, Patricia Richardson, and Debbe Dunning accept the pan favorite award for "Home Improvement" in ~ the 7th yearly TV soil Awards held at Gibson Amphitheatre top top April 19, 2009 in Unversal City, California.

‘Home Improvement’ Royalties

“Home Improvement” enjoyed an eight-year run that ended in 1999. Richard Karn, one of the show’s stars, called Australian publishing in 2016, “Every time the display gets bought about the civilization … you gain a small percentage of that. … you don’t want to need to live top top that, yet it’s a nice kind of annuity.”

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PASADENA, CA - JANUARY 11: Winners the

‘Two and a half Men’ Royalties

In 2011, Charlie Sheen was embroiled in a public dispute with CBS about his salacious personal problems the would ultimately lead come him gift fired native “Two and a fifty percent Men.” The present had entered syndication 3 years earlier and also enjoyed continual status together the highest-rated scripted comedy.

At the time, Fox News speculated that Sheen would go on to earn $100 million an ext from the display on royalties alone. In 2016, however, the linked Press reported that Sheen sold his benefit participation legal rights for $27 million.

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Tracey Ullman in ~ the decades Denim start Party, exclusive Location, Beverly Hills, CA.

‘The Simpsons’ Royalties

Before “The Simpsons” to be a $13 billion global franchise, it was an obscure animated segment that appeared on “The Tracey Ullman Show.” back Ullman lost a 1992 sue in i beg your pardon she seek merchandising fees, the comedian still cashes in.

During an interview v Andy Cohen, Ullman said she obtain residuals indigenous “The Simpsons” almost 30 year after she produced the main characters. If winking, she sarcastically said, “Yes, ns hear indigenous them four times a year.” once asked if her reduced was significant, she replied, “Yeah, it’s no bad.”

Rapper 50 Cent can’t do the same claim. In 2017, TMZ reported the the musician and also actor received a inspect from a cameo the made ~ above “The Simpsons” for $16.68.

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Meeting Spongebob Squarepants at global Studios.

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‘SpongeBob SquarePants’ Royalties

He lives in a pineapple under the sea, yet he’s guarantee to be a family members name top top land. Bikini Bottom’s fry cook has turned into one that the most iconic cartoon characters in history, landing end 700 license partners global and raking in virtually $8 billion every year for Nickelodeon and also MTV Networks, follow to AdAge.

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