When it involves technology, the sometimes best to get back to basics. When there space a variety of high-tech smartphones with seemingly countless features, many of united state want a less complicated phone experience, and that’s whereby a upper and lower reversal phone comes in handy.
Alcatel go Flip 3

Plans: when there are a variety of plans compatible with the walk FLIP 3, T-Mobile’s limitless 55+ plans will offer you endless talk, text, and also data, and also they begin at just $27.50 every month.

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Calls: Unlimited

Texts: Unlimited

Data: Unlimited

Extras: relying on which T-Mobile setup you choose, you will do it have accessibility to features such as worldwide calling, in-flight Wi-Fi, mobile hotspot usage, and also protection from telephone scams.

What we Love: us really appreciated the inclusion of data functions in a an easy package. Our favorite feature, however, had to it is in voice texting, i beg your pardon made message (normally a cumbersome process on flip phones) as basic as pie.

What we Didn’t: we didn’t precisely love the go FLIP 3’s 2MP camera. The photos we took weren’t exactly photo album-worthy, though they’ll obtain the job done if all you have to do is catch the basics (recipes, locations, etc.).

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Ideal For: This call is perfect for any senior who desires a an easy phone with web access. The various other virtue of the walk FLIP 3 is that is size, small enough to be activate with only one hand.

Classic style Intuitive Menus 4GB internal Memory big Screen Voice commands Hearing aid Compatible 4G Network Compatibility
Low-Definition Camera