for such a danger job, firefighters on mean actually earn less than the U.S. Median household... <+> income.

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The average income of firefighters is $53,240 as of 2017, according to the recent data native the bureau of labor Statistics’ work-related Employment Statistics. That is, unfortunately, slightly much less than the current U.S. Median household income that $57,652. Considering you have to potentially placed your life ~ above the line for this job, the a shame.

Luckily, firefighter incomes aren’t the exact same everywhere. You deserve to earn far above $53,240 depending on which state you decide to clear up in and work. Examine out the full breakdown below of where firefighter’s incomes are the lowest, andwhere their incomes are the highest.

10 claims Where Firefighters earn the many Money

The median salary that a firefighter is finest in the Northeast and also West Coast, consisting of Alaska. One southern state, Maryland, makes the top-10 list of says where firefighters earn the most.

Rank State 2017 Mean yearly Wage
1 New Jersey $75,880
2 California $73,860
3 New York $70,560
4 Washington $70,300
5 Nevada $66,670
6 Oregon $64,330
7 Connecticut $63,130
8 Alaska $60,930
9 Massachusetts $60,550
10 Maryland $58,590

Nevada has seen impressive development in firefighter incomes. From 2016 to 2017, the average annual income that firefighters rose by 7.2%, from $62,220 to $66,670. The biggest acquire was do by Wisconsin, though just from $37,300 to $41,870.

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10 states Where Firefighters earn the the very least Money

In terms of says that pay firefighters the least, the U.S. South dominates the list. The top-three worst-paying states are Mississippi, Louisiana and also Kentucky, though adhered to by a brand-new England state, Maine, in the 4th spot. Southern Carolina rounds the end the worst-paying five states in the U.S.

Rank State 2017 Mean yearly Wage
1 Mississippi $30,690
2 Louisiana $32,710
3 Kentucky $32,800
4 Maine $33,500
5 South Carolina $34,730
6 West Virginia $34,900
7 Utah $35,680
8 Minnesota $35,750
9 North Carolina $36,110
10 Georgia $36,830

There space states external of the South and also Maine. Utah and also Minnesota both placed up weak numbers because that firefighter salaries. The average revenue of a firefighter in Utah is $29,645 much less than the median family income, and in Minnesota, firefighters on median earn $29,949 much less than the median family members income.

How much Firefighters knife in all 50 States

Moving past highest and also lowest, here’s a look at at typical firefighter salaries by state. The BLS does not have annual mean wage data easily accessible for Hawaii from 2017.

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State 2017 Mean annual Wage
Alabama $40,850
Alaska $60,930
Arizona $46,330
Arkansas $37,010
California $73,860
Colorado $55,560
Connecticut $63,130
Delaware $46,610
Florida $52,170
Georgia $36,830
Hawaii *
Idaho $39,880
Illinois $55,300
Indiana $47,980
Iowa $41,250
Kansas $37,600
Kentucky $32,800
Louisiana $32,710
Maine $33,500
Maryland $58,590
Massachusetts $60,550
Michigan $44,870
Minnesota $35,750
Mississippi $30,690
Missouri $49,250
Montana $48,790
Nebraska $50,200
Nevada $66,670
New Hampshire $46,330
New Jersey $75,880
New Mexico $36,880
New York $70,560
North Carolina $36,110
North Dakota $42,380
Ohio $46,710
Oklahoma $43,650
Oregon $64,330
Pennsylvania $54,730
Rhode Island $56,480
South Carolina $34,730
South Dakota $44,750
Tennessee $39,950
Texas $53,480
Utah $35,680
Vermont $38,810
Virginia $51,160
Washington $70,300
West Virginia $34,900
Wisconsin $41,870
Wyoming $45,010


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