How much do optometrists make? It’s a rather basic question, but the answer hinges ~ above a variety of different factors. Optometrist pay is dictated through the job industry in your area, and your separation, personal, instance experience, skills, and also career levels. It’s unfortunate, yet when who asks, “how lot does one optometrist do in a year?” the only moral answer is “it depends.”

Optometrist Pay

When do the efforts to uncover out how much eye physicians make, the finest place to start is through the bureau of labor Statistics (BLS). Here’s the BLS’s malfunction of optometrist salary and job outlook, which to be updated in 2016:


As stated above, comment the concern “how much do optometrists make” requires a bit much more than just a general overview, for this reason let’s dive a little deeper to find out what an optometrist value looks choose for various scenarios.

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Optometrist salary by State

Optometrists in Alaska, Massachusetts, and Maine might perform comparable functions as those elsewhere in the US, but they space compensated at a much greater rate 보다 their peers in Utah, West Virginia, and Washington, DC. Here’s a look in ~ the peak 5 and bottom 5 states for optometrist pay:


Optometrist value by endure Level

According to the BLS, the lowest optometrist beginning salary is $53,740 (still much greater than the typical salary across all occupations, i beg your pardon is $37,040). Specialists in this category constitute the bottom tenth percentile for eye medical professional salary. Relocating up the career ladder, small to mid-level optometrists can expect to knife at the very least $83,460 per year while an elderly optometrist pay can exceed $136,270. The many successful optometrists in the US deserve to command salaries of $190,000+.

With durable earning power, healthy job prospects, and strong indicators of continuous growth, the duty of optometrist is a good career path to pursue. In fact, us News and also World Report inserted it at #18 in their perform of finest Health treatment Jobs and also CNN ranked optometrist in ~ #12 ~ above their finest Jobs in America list. If you have a enthusiasm for eye care, the first step come launching her career is completing your optometrist education. Then you can discover out because that yourself exactly how much eye medical professionals make and also begin earning your optometrist salary with one of the numerous job openings found on!