Ben and also Erin Napier are ideal known for hosting HGTV’s residence Town series. So, how much walk the pair earn? what’s their net worth?

The renovation series showcases the talent of Ben and Erin, together they fully transform residences into locations of paradise.

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Each of them come through their own collection of skills, such together Erin’s graphic architecture background, and Ben’s building and also woodwork experience.

So, what is Ben and also Erin Napier’s network worth? What are their salaries?


Home city (HGTV YouTube)

Who space Ben and also Erin Napier?

They room a presenting and also renovator duo ~ above HGTV’s home Town.

Ben and Napier are a married couple, that run Laurel Mercantile and Scotsman General Store together.

Artist Erin has actually a degree in graphic design, if Ben is a woodworker and entrepreneur with a degree in history.

They space parents to daughter Helen, and have to be married because that 12 years.

I want to move to Laurel, Mississippi. Because that real. Like, I want to be friends with Erin and also Ben Napier and also I want to live in that cute small town therefore badly.

— Sydney Hayne (

Home Town earnings explored

A confirmed salary because that the home Town hosts has actually not been revealed, however we have found out the normal pay cheque quantities given come HGTV presenters.

Fixer top hosts Chip and Joanna reportedly make about $30,000 per episode, as reported by business Insider.

So, it’s most likely that Ben and also Erin get a similar pay cheque, as result of the five-season success the the remodeling series.

Aside from their HGTV income, the pair is assumed to do a significant amount native running their business.

I love ‘HomeTown’ v Erin and also Ben Napier! Their format is amazing and also Erin is for this reason cute! deserve to they remodel a residence for me too? #HGTVHomeTown

— Steph (

What is Ben and Erin Napier’s network worth?

$5 million

It has been reported that various other HGTV couples, such together Chip and Joanna Gaines of Fixer Upper, have actually a net worth that at least $5 million.

Reports state married couple Ben and Erin have gained most that their an unified net worth from HGTV.

Their income is intended to grow even over the coming years, as reported through Celebrity Family.

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