Dancing v the Stars has been on tv for literally (*breaks the end old-lady-from-Titanic voice*) 84 years, aka 29 seasons, with the 30th season premiering at 8 p.m. ET this evening on ABC. And no, the celebrities featured top top the show definitely aren’t sashaying their means around the phase in humiliating outfits because that free.

While I’m sure there room some “celebs” who would go on this display just because that the press, Dancing through the Stars contestants acquire compensated. And also the much more effort lock put into their dancing, the much more checks castle cash. Let’s break it down, shall we?

The first Two Weeks

The contestants are cut a check the 2nd they sign their stays away. Follow to Variety, everyone on the show makes $125,000 for the rehearsal duration and the very first two mainly on air.

This season, DWTS is kicking things off through 15 contestants:

Spice Girl Mel CActress Melora Hardin Peloton instructor Cody RigsbyCountry music singer Jimmie AllenThe Talk organize Amanda KlootsActor young name KoveActor Brian Austin eco-friendly WWE wrestler Mike “The Miz” Mizanin NBA star Iman ShumpertBling Empire’s Christine Chiu

…meaning the show spent about $1.87 million simply to get human being to agree to be on it, lol.

And then There’s the rest of the Competition

Everyone who makes it to week 3 of DWTS beginning earning extra money per episode on a sliding scale, return Variety reported in 2019 the the most they deserve to take house is $295,000.

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^Me cheerfully saying hi to mine empty financial institution account.

Back in 2010 (so, a lengthy time ago), Gawker reported the contestants deserve $10,000 because that weeks 3 and also 4, $20,000 because that weeks 5 and also 6, $30,000 for weeks 7 and 8, and also $50,000 because that weeks 9 and 10. That’s clearly a the majority of money, however here’s the thing…

Contestants used to Make means More

$295,000 is no doubt a huge sum, yet in ahead seasons, the winner the Dancing through the Stars could earn up to $345,000. Here’s to hoping they go ago to the in season 29, since everyone’s accurate dancing their method through a pandemic. One of two people way, we won’t find out that takes house the last paycheck it spins this season is over, but I’m personal rooting because that Skai Jackson, who’s in reality donating a section of she earnings!

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