DWTS: A malfunction Of What The Dancers, Stars & Hosts are Paid Celebrities can make a lot of money ~ above Dancing v the Stars, yet professional dancers aren"t quite as lucky. Discover out what the actors is paid.

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Zendaya & Valentin Chermkovskiy (Season 16)
Over the years, many stars from all different industries have actually been given the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity of acquisition on the ballroom for a season the Dancing through the Stars. The show an initial started in 2005 and is currently nearing its milestone 30th season. The variety of actors members end the years has ranged native athletes come singers to politicians and more. What numerous viewers fail to establish is that when a star is handed the Mirrorball Trophy castle are likewise given a quite hefty paycheck.

While the stars pat a significant role in the show, for this reason the title, there room other essential jobs that comprise the display as well. For years, Tom Bergeron hosted the to dance competition prior to later being joined through Erin Andrews. Critical fall, the hosting duo was shockingly replaced by Tyra Banks. The show has actually had the very same three head judges since its start. The judges" panel is composed of Carrie Ann Inaba, Len Goodmen, and Bruno Tonioli. Critical year, former experienced dancer Derek Hough do his return to the ballroom as a judge.

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Being component of a season the Dancing through The Stars take away a most time and energy. Each cast member, including the experienced dancers, the stars, the judges, and also the host, room all paid for their time on the show. However, your pays differ depending upon their role.


Hannah Brown Alan Bersten Dancing through the Stars
The stars" salary is determined by how many weeks they stay in the competition. Follow to Us Weekly, the stars get paid $125,000 because that the 2 weeks that preparation before the begin of the season. Contestants who continue to be through main three and also four get second $10,000 every episode. Because that weeks five and six, contestants receive an additional $20,000 every episode. They climate receive second $30,000 per illustration for weeks seven and also eight. The stipend for the final two mainly is $50,000 every episode. Therefore, the many a star deserve to make ~ above the show is $345,000, but reports case the show caps stars" income at $295,000.

Similar come the stars, countless professional dancers have come and also gone from the show as well. When a dancer is just starting out top top the show, castle are claimed to make approximately $1,200 every episode. Then, as they gain more experience, they begin to knife closer come $5,000 every episode. Return they"re the driving force behind the celebrities" success, your contribution certainly isn"t reflect in their salary.

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Tom Bergeron Dancing through the Stars
Prior come his departure from the show, Tom Bergeron to be allegedly make $150,000 per episode, which outcomes in a value of $1.5-$1.8 million relying on the variety of episodes in the season. That is unknown just how much Tyra banks is now being paid for the hosting gig.