Feb 8, 2013 - A nurse checks a patient"s blood press at the Dr. Gustavo Lima Aldereguía Hospital in Cienfuegos, Cuba. Cuba is offering its hundreds of thousands of medical workers raises the in some instances exceed 100 percent, main media top top the island announced Friday. (AP)

HAVANA – Cuba is providing hundreds of thousands of clinical workers raises that in some instances exceed 100 percent, main media top top the island announced Friday, though pay remains much reduced than what medical experts earn elsewhere.

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The Communist Party daily newspaper Granma additionally reported the Cuba expects to take in $8.2 billion this year because that the 10s of thousands of medical workers it sends to care for the poor in nations such together Venezuela and also Brazil.

Granma released a sample the what the salary hikes, i beg your pardon take effect June 1, will look like. At the high end, doctors with two specialties will view their salary walk from the identical of $26 a month to $67, while an entry-level nurse will make $25, increase from $13.

Salaries at government jobs in Cuba average around $20 a month, augmented through a variety of totally free services and also subsidies.

The raise will certainly affect more than 440,000 medical sector employees, Granma said, and also was made possible by the remove of 109,000 redundant tasks in the last 4 years.

"This is very great news that makes me tremendously happy. ... V my first paycheck I"m going to buy a toy for my youngest grandson, who"s 3," stated Soraida Pina, a 62-year-old nurse. "This will open new doors for me."

Others were less wowed.

"They had talked come us about this, and also it"s an extremely important because that the family members economy, yet it continues to it is in a salary that way very tiny because everything is very expensive," said Laura Vazquez, a 38-year-old pathologist.

Cuba also is elevating the wages of medical workers on global missions, which already pay higher salaries and in hard currency.

The alters "will contribute to the stability and quality of the clinical services because that the people, as well as fulfill international commitments," Granma said.

The record added the the estimate revenue from overseas medical missions because that 2014 to represent 64 percent of income from the services sector.

Health Minister Roberto Morales said newly that much more than 50,000 Cuban health care professionals are working in part 66 nations.

That contains an approximated 30,000 in Venezuela, which sends Cuba part 92,000 barrels the oil a day, with a complete value of about $3.2 billion a year.

Cuba has not make public exactly how much it pays doctors on international missions, despite it is believed to be a small portion of what it collection from the nations where they serve.

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Some medical professionals defect when abroad, though there space no main statistics on exactly how many.


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