Cracker Barrel Server Job summary & Interview

Job Description and Duties

What go a Cracker Barrel Server Do?

Cracker Barrel regularly requirements to hire motivated and also energetic workers for serving positions. In entry-level project titles, Cracker Barrel servers need no actual experience to gain employment consideration. Applicants with strong communications skills and straightforward mathematics abilities commonly perform well during the Cracker Barrel rental process.

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Duties and Responsibilities

Specific project duties because that serving associates v Cracker Barrel include taking food and drink orders, carrying food and drinks to customers, refilling drinks, and also answering questions around menu items, services, and firm policies. Cracker Barrel servers often undergo a couple weeks that training, including visual, verbal, and hands-on orientation.

Salary and also Compensation

How lot Do They get Paid?

Like many servers in the restaurant industry, Cracker Barrel waitstaff earn roughly $2.15 to $3.00 per hour before tips. Consisting of tips, countless waiters and waitresses with Cracker Barrel earn well over $10.00 one hour. The typical work week because that a Cracker Barrel server consists of 3 to four six-hour shifts. Shift availability and also regularity of hrs depend top top restaurant location and worker experience, in many cases.

Advancement Opportunities

Advancement methods into management roles may lead to increases in wages. Qualified servers may earn numerous employment benefits with Cracker Barrel, as well. Cracker Barrel supplies discounts ~ above meals and also merchandise, 401(k) retirement plans, and healthcare coverage to eligible workers. Additional job benefits, pay rates, and hiring needs vary by Cracker Barrel location.


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Cracker Barrel Server Interview Video

Video Transcript

Interviewer: Please explain your project title and primary duties. Cracker Barrel Server: ns was a server. Basically, my project title to be I had three or four tables – they rotated – yet my project was ns would acquire there and also make sure I had all mine side work-related ready. Every server is assigned a list of side work; it keeps their part of the kitchen clean in ~ night. We could be law ice. Someone can be fall glasses, simply making sure everything it is, creamers – you could be on salad dressing – you never understand what they might put girlfriend on.

Interviewer: What to be the work environment like? Cracker Barrel Server: Actually, it to be a yes, really fun occupational environment. A bunch of people worked there that i knew, and also we just had actually a an excellent time every day.

Interviewer: What was your favorite part about working there? Cracker Barrel Server: probably the people and the food due to the fact that the food there is really good also. It was surprisingly good. Ns wasn’t expecting it. Plus, my older brothers was one of the supervisors, or change leader. So, pretty much, it was a real good time.

Interviewer: Please define a common day as an employee. Cracker Barrel Server: Basically, you’re walking to show up, you need to have one apron through your name. Friend don’t have actually a surname tag; it’s just stitched on to the apron. Then, you do sure everything is ironed and also ready to go, and also you display up at work. It can get pretty busy; you have to make certain you review the menu, make certain you understand the menu backwards and forwards. It is the key thing in ~ the tables. As soon as customers ask about the different food, you have to be able to give them advantageous advice around it.

Interviewer: just how would you define the application and interview process? Cracker Barrel Server: it’s a file application, and you simply fill the out. Castle don’t hire you appropriate away, either. Lock will speak to you back, examine everything out and call girlfriend back. You do sure whatever is an excellent to go, and then you have actually a job.

Interviewer: What questions did the interviewer ask throughout the task interview? Cracker Barrel Server: they ask friend a lot since it’s a restaurant. Castle ask you around previous experience since they don’t want you to not have actually experience through a restaurant. Everyone has their first restaurant job, and also since they have actually such a high variety of customers, especially in ours town with the Cracker Barrel. There are civilization who can keep up v the pace.

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Interviewer: What other advice would you provide to a project seeker feather to acquire employment? Cracker Barrel Server: I would pretty much tell lock to usually don’t work-related in the kitchen. It is in a server; you will do it make method more money the way. Together in any restaurant job, don’t occupational in the kitchen since I’ve done everything from wash dishes to cook, and also it’s the difference between making $10 one hour and $20 dollars an hour. So, i would definitely recommend if friend don’t favor talking to customers, friend don’t have to. Simply do a an excellent job at the table, do them happy every time.

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