Do you want to be on the modern of creativity? room you a world-class athlete? have actually you ever wanted come be affiliated in the entertain industry? consider working for Cirque du Soleil – a ar where noþeles is possible.

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Cirque du Soleil or the “Circus the the Sun” was began by two street performers in Canada and also it easily blossomed into a world-renowned contemporary circus. Typically referred to as Cirque, the is a mix that acrobatic exploits, artistic feats the creativity, swirling colors, flying people, blurs the style, breathtaking stunts, and also stunning music.


anyone enjoys Cirque du Soleil and it gives lots of tasks that anyone would be incredibly lucky come land. Save in mind this aren’t your usual circus work either.

Cirque du Soleil is right for human being who desire to job-related at a top-notch entertain company. On phase jobs encompass performers, athletes, dancers, musicians, clowns, and also actors. Technical and also Show assistance jobs include costume designers, makeup artists, technological producers, imaginative directors, present managers, strong therapists, patternmakers, costume designers, an individual trainers, interpreter jobs, wig designers, and also riggers. That company jobs incorporate finance, human resources, administration, IT, marketing, and also talent scouts. Think about all the people it takes because that Cirque du Soleil to continually it is in the epitome of creativity.

Cirque du Soleil workers have to be focused. Annually they create over 20 different shows that are performed in the USA, Canada, Australia, Belgium, China, France, Germany, Japan, brand-new Zealand, south Africa, Spain, Taiwan, Turkey, and the joined Kingdom. Most shows perform 300+ times every year.

New reflects are created and brand-new venues space selected annually. Few of the present inspiring and impressive shows are Totem, Varekai, Viva Elvis, Zed, Alegria, Dralion, Kooza, Iris, or Michael Jackson The Immortal. Some mirrors are always in one location, choose the one at ras Vegas’s Bellagio, if others space touring mirrors that travel the people performing for broad eyed live audiences.

Cirque du Soleil has actually a reputation for gift a wonderful location to work because everyone is passionate. It’s a relaxed, casual, and also family oriented atmosphere – the kind of place where anyone remembers her birthday. You may work at a maintain studio the is a lot like a college campus, or travel v a show around the world. Either method you’ll it is in rubbing shoulders with corporate execs, face painted clowns, and paint splattered set designers every the time. You have the right to spend a lifetime with Cirque. If you want to switch career paths from acrobatic performer come wig designer to accountant, Cirque provides in-company switches easy.

The best way to know if working for Cirque du Soleil is for you is to attend a show. If friend are totally dazzled and also wowed by the music, performers, and overall experience, climate send in an application online. If your applications is approved, you’ll fulfill with department supervisors for interviews and be readily available a job. Another way to obtain noticed is to to visit a recruiting occasion or project fair. Globetrotting talent scouts recruit people also.

Job offers usually come with 1 or 2 year contracts. Many performers make between $30,000 and $100,000 every year. Other Cirque employees are paid per show or hourly – that all depends on the job. Employees are available shared accommodations in ~ the Cirque Studios or traveling accommodations if on tour. Every employees receive benefits prefer competitive salaries, payment vacations, performance bonuses, insurance money plans, discount tickets, and retirement funds. They likewise have access to high quality gymnasiums and training facilities to save them in tip-top shape for their large top performances.

If you desire to do a respectable living together a top-level athlete, an innovative genius, or imaginative entrepreneur, then use for a project with Cirque du Soleil today.

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Quick Facts about Working because that Cirque Du Soleil

Job Title: Cirque Du Soleil Performer, Artist, Costume Designer, Patternmaker, athletic Trainer, Interpreter, Talent ScoutOffice: Cirque Studio or top top TourDescription: Create and perform in ~ a modern-day circusCertifications/Education: Depends top top positionNecessary Skills: Athletic, CreativePotential Employers: Cirque Du SoleilPay: $30,000 come $100,000 per year. Differs depending on position.

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