Watching HGTv"s Fixer upper can it is in pretty addicting, thanks to the chemistry between the hosts, married pair Chip and also Joanna Gaines. They"re constantly goofing about with each other and seem like great business partners. There could be a factor they"re constantly so happy — Chip and also Joanna Gaines" per illustration salary is a pretty huge chunk of change. Well-deserved, of course.

According come Starcasm, which estimates pretty accurately celebrity net worths and salaries, the Gaines" do $30,000 because that every solitary episode of their show and they also get an undisclosed fees from the families" the participate. Through 16 episodes per season, that"s almost fifty percent a million dollars. Part seasons, like the third one, ran lengthy with eighteen illustration in all, so your yearly revenue likely varies. If you desire to have actually the Gaines" speak in ~ a conference or something, they also charge $30,000 for that.

Their fees are a little higher than some other HGTV talent. Flip or Flop"s Christina and also Tarek El Moussa were getting about $10,000 each per episode. So the Gaines" are simply a little more of a draw.

In enhancement to their show fee, the Gaines also have Magnolia Market, i m sorry is valued in ~ $3.5 million and also the in its entirety worth of their assorted Waco, Texas nature is $7.6 million.

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Fixer Upper is currently on Season 4, but there were rumors the Joanna was already over it. She collection the document straight on her blog previously this year. "Don"t think everything friend read," she warned fans. Though she did recognize to gift super liven — simply not for this reason busy the she"s ready to provide up the display just yet, even if she is currently occurring a beauty line. Gaines wrote:

So numerous things are happening appropriate now and also it feels choose we are relocating at the speed of light. In ~ times, it’s also hard to save our own parents in the loop. In ~ this allude in our career we deserve to honestly say, we’ve heard it every — from reports of us relocating our family to las vegas to united state having an ext or less youngsters than we actually have. At the finish of the day, we’ve learned it’s impossible to control all the information that’s out there.

She likewise had type words to say about her other half. "Don’t get me wrong, working v your spouse comes through its own set of challenges, but it’s an extremely true that Chip and I balance each various other out," she said of her professional relationship with her husband.

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In all, the sounds favor the Gaineses are having actually a an excellent time v their call on TV. Hopefully, they"ll store the illustration coming.