The OG of The actual Housewives that Orange County looks earlier on the details of their divorce settlement.

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Vicki Gunvalson might still have a life insurance policy on her ex-husband Donn Gunvalson, as discussed on Season 13 of The actual Housewives that Orange County, but that"s just around where their partnership begins and ends today, together we learned top top Watch What wake up Live v Andy Cohen this week.

During the September 10 WWHL after ~ Show, Vicki mutual an upgrade on her connection with Donn, from whom she filed because that divorce in 2013 (it was resolved in 2014). "No, there"s no friendship, unfortunately. I certainly have regrets top top what i did. I hurt him, and also I damaged his heart, yet I was out of the marriage mentally," Vicki explained (clip above). "He to be not all set for me to file for divorce, but you know, it happened, and we"re no friends. That sees Briana and also Troy and Owen a lot. Us don"t speak at all."

Yes, just take a look at Vicki"s son-in-law Ryan Culberson"s Instagram, and also you"ll often see Donn visiting previous stepdaughter Briana Culberson and her two sons, Troy and also Owen, in north Carolina. They even have one endearing nickname because that Donn: "Grampy D."

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Andy Cohen additionally wondered if the fact that she had to salary Donn as component of your divorce settlement made her "resentful" toward her ex-husband at all. "No, since it"s no gender details anymore. Ns was the major breadwinner, and also at the time, i was like, "Dang it, ns don"t desire to salary him this much." mine attorney sat me down and also said, "You room the breadwinner, girlfriend make much more than him, and also he deserves it,"" Vicki said. "I thought, "You know what, I can fight in court or simply fold." so he"s retired. I"m not." 

Things may not have settled for Vicki and also Donn, yet she quiet admires him together a person. "He"s a an excellent man," she shared. "We just got off course, and I couldn"t acquire it ago on track."

Vicki got engaged to her longtime boyfriend, Steve Lodge, in April. Gain all the details on her upcoming wedding, below.