LOS ANGELES – A California court ordered chairman Donald trump card this main to pay $44,100 in lawyer fees to erotic actress Stormy Daniels to pay for her legal battle over her initiative to publication a hush money deal brokered to store her quiet about their sexual partnership a decade ago.

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The stimulate in exceptional Court in Los Angeles established Daniels won her lawsuit versus Trump over the agreement that to be signed 11 days prior to the 2016 presidential election. Together a part of the deal, the shedding party would certainly pay the lawyers fees.

The White house did not immediately respond to a inquiry for comment about the decision.

The president’s an individual lawyer at the time, Michael Cohen, payment $130,000 to Daniels, who filed the suit under she legal name, Stephanie Clifford. After ~ Trump’s election, Daniels sued to void the agreement.

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Trump and also his supporters denied the chairman knew about the payment for number of years prior to Trump recognized it ~ above Twitter in might 2018 and also said the reimbursed Cohen for the money payment to Daniels.

Daniels’ suit over the non-disclosure agreement was dismissed before going come trial or a settlement because the parties to be no longer quiet. Trump’s lawyers said Daniels didn’t success the case and therefore wasn’t entitled come lawyer fees, yet Judge Robert Broadbelt III do not agree in his ruling Monday, posted virtual by Daniels’ lawyers.

Trump’s lawyers additionally argued Daniels didn’t prove the president was a part of the non-disclosure agreement which to be made under the name “David Dennison,” but Broadbelt wrote there to be a huge amount of evidence showing Cohen determined Dennison together a pseudonym for Trump.

After she lawyer announced the decision, Daniels composed on Twitter: “Yup. Another win.”

But lock haven’t all been wins for Daniels. She additionally sued Trump because that defamation after ~ the president’s comment on Twitter the a male she stated threatened she to stay quiet around their alleged to work in 2011 was “nonexistent.” Trump likewise posted side-by-side photos of the composite lay out of the man making the threats and Daniels’ husband.

The defamation lawsuit was thrown out and also Daniels is appealing the decision and also an stimulate to pay Trump almost $300,000 in attorney fees.

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A referee in that instance ruled Trump’s declaration on Twitter were defended speech under the an initial Amendment.

Since Trump’s election, Daniels has remained in the adult entertain industry, making use of her brand-new fame come promote piece club appearances and shows, including her recent venture referred to as “Spooky Babes Paranormal Show” wherein she said she is top a team that investigators to hunt ghosts and get answers for people here on Earth. She additionally still take away shots at the president on Twitter.

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Meanwhile, Cohen pleaded guilty to project finance charges and lying come Congress, among other crimes, and also was sentenced to three years in prison in 2018.