You can"t just throw $175,000 up with no explanation. Method to lowfor a peak rated show, in its 8 hours season v the height actor in theshow. Listed below is a copy from a article in a smallville forum frombrianne1017...

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(and this was in 2008)

This week"s TV overview magazine has a perform of "Who Earns What" asseries. Tom Welling is the just CW actor noted on there andapparently he provides $150,000 per episode.

Here"s a few other actors because that comparision:

Charlie Sheen was very first on the list v $825,000 every episode(which consists of earnings native his property stake in Two and also a HalfMen).

Kiefer Sutherland renders $500,000 per episode of 24.

Kyra Sedgwick makes $275,000 per illustration of The Closer.

Patrick Dempsey provides $250,000 per episode of Grey"s

Jennifer Love Hewitt renders $225,000 per illustration of The GhostWhisperer.

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Steve Carell renders $200,000 per episode of The Office.

I"m presume (and I might be wrong) that because Tom was the onlyCW star mentioned, the no one else even comes close?

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