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One that the greatest golfers ever, Woods has made the green-jacket wearing legacy for win at the master a pretty usual occurrence throughout his career, win the significant five times. That looked choose Woods might"ve to be done winning in ~ Augusta national Golf Club before his surprising success at the 2019 tournament. Woods sits one turn off the all-time masters winner, Jack Nicklaus, that donned the environment-friendly jacket six times in his career.

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Here"s a look back at just how Woods has done in every Masters because his first entry come the competition in 1995. 

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How numerous times has actually Tiger Woods winner the Masters?

Woods has won the masters tournament 5 times. His first victory come in 1997, adhered to by back-to-back wins in 2001 and also 2002, an additional win in 2005 and capped off by 2019"s how amazing triumph.

Woods" scores in those 5 Masters victories are as follows:

1997:  270 (-18)2001:  272 (-16)2002:  276 (-12)2005:  276 (-12, won in playoff)2019:  275 (-13)

Tiger Woods" stats in ~ the Masters

Wins: 5Top-5 finishes: 12Top-10 finishes: 14Missed cuts: 1Best round: 7-under 65 (in 1997 and also in 2005)Worst round: 77 (1995)Best competition score: 18-under 270 (1997)Worst tournament score after ~ making cut: 5-over 293 (1995, 2012)

Tiger Woods" history at the Masters

1995 Masters: T-41

Woods was play for the first time at Augusta nationwide as the reigning U.S. Amateur champion. That shot 5 over because that the tournament, yet made the cut by shoot even-par 72 each of the an initial two rounds prior to shooting a 77 in the 3rd round. Woods came back with a 72 top top Sunday.

1996 Masters: MC

Woods to be back, tho the reigning U.S. Amateur champion ~ repeating at that tournament. Yet he couldn"t conserve his struggles for the weekend. Back-to-back 75s sent out Woods residence on reduced day.

1997 Masters: Win

Woods didn"t waste any type of time in his very first Masters as a professional. The shot 18-under par, which set a new Masters record and also beat his second-place challenger by 12 shots.

1998 Masters: T-8

As a reigning champ, Woods didn"t discover things fairly as basic in 1998, never breaking 70 in a round. Overall, the shot 3 under for the tournament. The was an excellent for 6 strokes turn off the winner, mark O"Meara, who is good friends with Woods.

1999 Masters: T-18

Woods continued going backwards, failing to break par for the competition in 1999. The was also par to do the cut, climate shot 2 under ~ above Saturday. Yet a 3-over last round placed him at 1 over because that the tournament, ripe shots back of the winner, Jose Maria Olazabal.

2000 Masters: 5th

2001 Masters: Win

2002 Masters: Win

2003 Masters: T-15

Woods was all over the place in 2003. A third-round 66 to be the just bright spot, due to the fact that Woods opened up the tournament with a 76, complied with it v a 73 and also closed it out through a 75. His 2-over par was nine shots earlier of the winner, lefty Mike Weir.

2004 Masters: T-22

Again Woods struggled out of the gates, shoot an opening-round 75. A second-round 69 guarantee Woods make the cut, but then that went 75-71 on the weekend to end up 2-over par. Phil Mickelson won the competition at 9 under.

2005 Masters: Win

Woods shot 12 under with 72 holes, i beg your pardon wasn"t enough to win. Kris DiMarco to be tied through Woods. The sudden-death playoff would start on the par-4 18th. DiMarco"s approach wound up quick of the green, if Woods was within 15 feet. DiMarco acquired up and down, yet then Woods drained his putt because that the tournament-winning birdie.

2006 Masters: T-3

In a Masters that didn"t feature plenty of crazy scoring numbers, Woods never damaged 70, yet his 4 under because that the competition was great enough to tie for third. Mickelson winner it at 7 under.

2007 Masters: T-2

2008 Masters: 2nd

Another runner-up complete for Woods, however it compelled eight shots better than the former season. A third-round 68 keyed Woods" in its entirety finish in ~ 5 under, i m sorry was three strokes ago of Trevor Immelman.

2009 Masters: T-6

Woods saved his ideal 2009 round because that Sunday, shoot a 4-under 68 to finish at 8 under. The wasn"t an excellent enough to record Angel Cabrera, who won in ~ 12 under.

2010 Masters: T-4

2011 Masters: T-4

2012 Masters: T-40

For the an initial time since 1996, Woods didn"t rest par in a ring at the 2012 Masters. His 75 in ring two and also 74 in the last round meant he perfect 5 over. Bubba Watson winner the competition at 10 under in a playoff.

2013 Masters: T-4

Woods perfect at 5 under in 2013, 4 shots ago of Adam Scott. Woods" tournament was marred by an not correct drop throughout the 2nd round, resulting in a two-stroke penalty assessed to Woods ~ above Saturday. His six-shot bogey top top the 15th feet in the 2nd round was readjusted to an eight-shot hole.

2014 Masters: DNP

Woods underwent microdisectomy surgical procedure for a pinched nerve in his back, maintaining him out of the Masters because that the first time together a professional.

2015 Masters: T-17

Woods was slow out that the gate through a 73, but middle rounds of 69 and also 68 had him in contention prior to he reverted to a closing-round 73. His 5 under to be well earlier of Jordan Spieth, who 18 under tied Woods" score indigenous 1997.

2016 Masters: DNP

2017 Masters: DNP

Woods continued to deal with back worries which organized him the end of the masters in both 2016 and also 2017.

2018 Masters: T-32

After going with his earlier surgeries, Woods gone into this tournament as among the favorites. However 73-75 in the very first two ring doomed him, with only a final-round 69 salvaging several of the weekend. His 1 over was a tie because that 32nd. The winner, Patrick Reed, shooting 15 under.

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2019 Masters: Win

Woods trailed Francesco Molinari for many of the final day. Back-to-back birdies ~ above the 15th and also 16th holes, complied with by a par ~ above 17, intended Woods necessary only a bogey top top 18 come clinch the win. The two-putted because that a bogey and won in ~ 13-under par, one shot much better than Dustin Johnson, Brooks Koepka and also Xander Schauffele.