Earlier this week it to be reported the Elin Nordegren, estranged mam of Tiger Woods, to be going to net $750 million as a divorce settlement. Which seemed off, considering his net worth is about $600 million, together reported through audioeditorfree.com" cut Badenhausen.

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Now TMZ states it"s closer come $100 million, i beg your pardon is apparently considerably much more than the couple"s prenup agreement but just one-sixth that his golf fortune tho padded by endorsements encounters Nike and others.

There"s no indigenous if the $100 million stipulates the Elin save quiet about details that the breakup and Tiger"s infidelities.

The pair was married for 5 years. That"s $20 million for every year of marriage. In the pantheon that the many expensive celebrity divorces, the scores near the top.

Rupert and Anna Murdoch were married for some 30 years once they divorced in 1999. They worked out at $1.2 come $1.7 exchange rate (both numbers have been reported), or between $40 to $56 million for each year she was his wife.

Adnan and also Soraya Kashoggi had been married for 21 years as soon as they separation in 1982. In an out-of-court settlement she netted almost $42 million for annually of marriage, because that a total of $874 million.

Director Steven Spielberg and actress Amy Irving"s 1989 divorce settlement gave his wife of 4 years half his fortune at the time, $100 million, or $25 million a year. He"s currently worth $3 billion.

The ex-Mrs. Paul McCartney, heather Mills, received $50 million for four years the marriage. That"s $12.5 million for each year.

In 1994 Harrison Ford split with his mam of 18 years and mother of 2 of his two children, Melissa Mathison, paying her $90 million, or $5 million a year.

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Michael and also Diandra Douglas were married for 23 years before their divorce. She was awarded $45 million, or practically $2 million for every year they were together. But wait. With Wall Street 2 coming out, the ex-Mrs. Douglas is searching for a reduced of his new earnings, claiming their 2000 settlement awarded her a financial share from spin-offs of movies he made while they were together.


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