Eagar, cutting board W., and also Christopher Musso. Why go the human being Trade center Collapse? Science, Engineering, and Speculation. 2001. JOM.

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"The complete weight of the structure was approximately 500,000 t, however wind load, rather than the heaviness load, overcame the design"450,000,000kg(eachtower)
World Trade facility History. Truth Monster. Family education Network. 2003."Weighed 500,000 tons"450,000,000kg(eachtower)
World Trade facility Facts. Fox News top Stories. 12September2001."More 보다 200,000 lots of steel - far more than the amount compelled for the construction of the Verrazano Narrows leg - was provided in the human being Trade Center"s construction."" The 425,000 cubic yards of concrete used in building the people Trade facility is sufficient to build a five-foot large sidewalk from brand-new York City to Washington, DC."930,000,000kg(overall)
Ashley, Steven. Once the twin Towers Fell. Clinical American. 11October2001."The gravity lots (weight) produced by the towers at their bases to be on the order of 500,000 tons, Fowler said."450,000,000kg(eachtower)
Craven, Jackie. Good Buildings."Each tower weighed around 500,000 tons."450,000,000kg(eachtower)

Designed by the architect Minoru Yamasaki, the north Tower that the civilization Trade facility was opened in 1970 and the southern Tower was opened in 1972. They ranked together the world"s tallest structures until the year 1974 when the Sears Tower in Chicago to be built. The north tower, was standing 417meters tall and also the south tower stood 415meters tall, each v 110 stories. About 50,000 civilization worked in the world Trade facility on a typical day.

The former people Trade center cost much more than $400 million dollars come build. The two structures had countless amazing features. Through strong winds and storms, each building would persuade threefeet far from the true center. Once standing on the monitoring deck (approximately 1,300feet over ground) you would be able to see 45 miles in every direction. The framework was designed come withstand organic disasters but on September 11, 2001 over 2,000 civilization were killed when the towers collapse native the rising temperatures of the fires ruining the infrastructure of the building.

Both towers were developed out of steel frames, glass, and also concrete slabs on stole truss joists. A single tower is composed of 90,000,000kg (100,000 tons) that steel, 160,000 cubicmeters (212,500 cubic yards) that concrete and also 21,800 windows. One solitary tower has actually a mass of around 450,000,000kilograms (500,000 tons). The interior style of the civilization Trade center contains 240 vertical steel columns, which were called the Vierendeel trusses. These stole columns maintained the tower"s structure and helped to create really "light"building.

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