The civilization giant pumpkin record falls practically yearly. It to be no various in 2021. The brand-new record is organized by Stefano Cutrupi, a native of Bordighera, Italy. In October, 2021, brought his monster pumpkin come the sweet off at the big Pumpkin Festival in Peccioli, Italy. It sweet in in ~ a substantial 2,702 pounds (1226kg)!!

Pumpkin Nook advice it’s lid to Stafano Cutrupi for this terrific accomplishment.

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For almost 20 years, the human being giant pumpkin document was smashed virtually yearly. It was driven by two factors. First, growing techniques to be refined and also improved. Yet, highly competitive growers still felt compelled to share your knowledge. This is a rare and noble feat in a competitive environment. However, it to be one common belief that drove pumpkin load to together lofty heights. Growers universally thought the record would fall each year. These very same growers believed they could be the people to do it. 

The current human being record for giant pumpkins is held by a grower in Germany. German grower Mathia Willemijn lugged his behemoth pumpkin come the European weigh Off ~ above October 9, 2016. It weighed and amazing 2,624.6 pounds!

Congratulations to Mathia!


Up to now, the civilization record has actually largely come from the united States and also Canada…. Not any kind of more!

Europe gone into the competition with an huge thud. Beni Meier the Germany damaged the civilization record in 2014. He carried his 2,323.7 pound huge pumpkin to the european Championship Weigh-off top top October 13, 2014.


It’s over a ton, and no border is in sight as to how big a pumpkin can grow. (See photo above)

A mammoth congratulations goes out to Tim Mathison. Top top October 11, 2013, Tim lugged his now human being record 2032 lb pumpkin come the Uesugi farms Pumpkin Park Weigh-off at Morgan Hill, Ca. Tim prospered his document pumpkin on the 2009 Wallace seed and crossed it with the 1554 Mathison. Yes, huge genetics begets big…..and also bigger weights!


Absolutely unbelievable! This is the first pumpkin to weigh in in ~ a ton or more! us knew someday, someone would thrive a giant, make that enormous, one ton or more pumpkin. Through this certain belief, every serious, large pumpkin grower collection out to to it is in the one to create the an initial one ton pumpkin.

We congratulate Ron Wallace, from Greene, Rhode Island ~ above this remarkable accomplishment. The small state that Rhode Island looms huge in the world of huge pumpkins.

Ron carried his 2009 lb pumpkin come the Topsfield same in Topsfield, MA top top September 28, 2012.

Ron is no newbie in the hobby cultivation giant pumpkins. In 2006, he damaged the the civilization record. At the time, every it took to be a just 1,502 pounds to break the people record. 

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