Disney has actually felt the force of Star wars as it has made earlier at least a 4 minutes 1 of the $4 billion that it paid in 2012 come buy Lucasfilm, the owner the the sci-fi series, follow to an evaluation of gaue won statements.

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Disney bought Lucasfilm from its founder George Lucas and has gone on to make 4 Star wars films. There have been two sequels come the original trilogy, which launched in 1977, and also two spinoff movies.

The many recent was last month"s Solo: A Star battles Story which speak the origin of above hero Han Solo that was play by Harrison Ford in the original movies and 2015 sequel The pressure Awakens. Brand-new star Alden Ehrenreich takes on the role in the recent movie and also is join by A-listers Donald Glover and Woody Harrelson.

Solo was initially directed through Philip Lord and also Christopher Miller, the duo behind 2014 hit The Lego Movie. However they were replaced in June critical year with Oscar-winning director Ron Howard that re-shot scenes that had already been filmed.

According come the jae won statements because that the production firm behind the movie, “the approximated final expense was projection in overfill of the budget, however the film ongoing to be funded by that is financiers...LFL production LLC, a wholly own subsidiary the the ultimate parental company, The Walt Disney Company."

Movie budgets room usually kept a very closely guarded mystery as the studios often tend to absorb the cost of individual photos as component of their overall expenses for this reason they don’t need to reveal exactly how much they invested on every one. However, Solo was made in Britain where the costs of movies are consolidated in single companies that have to document publicly easily accessible financial statements.

The companies usually have code surname so that they don’t raise attention once filing for permits to film off-site. The one behind Solo is named Stannum 50 Labs which refers to the Latin name for tin. That is thought that this is a nod to Han Solo’s armoured arch nemesis Boba Fett who is tipped to star in his own spinoff film.

As british newspaper the London night Standard freshly revealed, in the 2 years and three months to 11 November 2017 the total cost of do Solo pertained to $275 million (£203.4 million). This total is shown on the gaue won statements below and also is intended to rise as it doesn’t encompass post-production.

The jae won statements because that Solo reveal that $275 million (£203.4 million) was invested on make the... <+> movie

Companies residence

One of the biggest costs is payment staff and also the jae won statements because that Solo present that $34.1 million (£25.2 million) was spent on this. It doesn’t even include freelancers and also self-employed workers, who make up the vast bulk of personnel top top a movie.

Other key costs are equipment hire, travel and spending top top visual effects companies choose Disney’s own commercial Light & Magic which has actually an office in London. It opened in July 2013 to capitalise top top the rise in attention in filming in Britain.

Figures exit by the British movie Institute (BFI) present that $2.6 exchange rate (£1.9 billion) was spent on the manufacturing of movie in Britain critical year. It to be a 23% rise on 2016 and the highest because the BFI started collecting records much more than 20 years ago. A full of $2.3 billion (£1.7 billion) came from foreign firms consisting of next month"s Mission difficult 6 and also the recent Harry Potter movie, wonderful Beasts and also Where to find Them 2.

As we have reported, Disney’s Star wars movies have actually all to be shot in brothers and, follow to their recent financial statements, a full of $1.3 billion (£1 billion) has been invested on making them.

This price is much outweighed by the ticket sales of Disney"s Star wars movies. Follow to sector analyst crate Office Mojo they have actually grossed $4.7 billion global including the $264.2 million make by Solo because its release on 24 May.

Studios commonly get around half of the takings for this reason Disney has already recouped at least a 4 minutes 1 of the acquisition price of Lucasfilm indigenous the movie earnings alone. It is without also including revenue native the home release or was sales though it is also understood come exclude marketing and publicity prices which are expensed through Disney itself.

There"s also another hero waiting in the wings together Lucasfilm came through the civil liberties to whip-cracking probe Indiana Jones. He also is play by Ford that will return to the role in 2020 when the fifth instalment in the series is exit 39 year after the première that the original. By climate a third Star wars sequel will certainly have actors a order on package office putting Disney closer to a return on its invest in Lucasfilm.

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