When you think of Hollywood, girlfriend can’t aid but think the Sandra Bullock and also her illustrious job in showbiz. The Miss Congeniality star has actually been acting in award-winning films due to the fact that the so late ’80s, and also since then, she has actually earned a really impressive network worth.

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Sandra’s happiness is valued in ~ an approximated $250 million, every Celebrity net Worth. The lover actress’ recent blockbusters prefer Bird Box, Ocean’s 8 and also Our Brand Is Crisis have contributed to she hefty financial institution account, but Sandra has been making the huge bucks for an ext than 30 years.


While You to be Sleeping garnered Sandra’s an initial nomination at the 1996 golden Globes, yet it wouldn’t be till 2010 once she took residence her initial significant award. Sandra winner in the category of finest Performance by one Actress in a Leading duty for her portrayal in The remote Side in ~ the gold Globes, and also she additionally took house her very first Oscar because that the film that exact same year.

Sandra confirmed her job was lengthy from over as she starred in and produced more critically acclaimed films in the 2000s, such as Miss Congeniality, Two main Notice, Crash, The Lake House and also The Proposal. Follow to Celebrity net Worth, The Proposal, which additionally starred Ryan Reynolds, grossed much more than $317 million at package office.



That’s no Sandra’s many impressive film, though. Her 2013 drama Gravity earned much more than $700 million at the global box office, while The remote Side also brought home about $309 million. Her 2015 animated movie Minions, however, ranks as her highest-grossing movie to date with an ext than $1.1 billion at the box office worldwide.

Sandra is still acting in Hollywood today, and according come Deadline, she’s collection to do her debut with Brad Pitt in their very first movie together. The outlet report Sandra will appear alongside the Once ~ above a Time in Hollywood gibbs in the upcoming movie Bullet Train. Despite Sandra is simply as specialized to her work-related as ever, she never lets her Hollywood career obtain in the means of parenting her 2 kids, Louis and also Laila.

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“They nothing really know that their mommy is a large movie star, they simply know her as ‘Mommy,"” one insider called Closer in June 2019, note Sandra’s top celebrity status is no reflection of that she is as a mom. “Louis and also Laila room two the the many polite and well-behaved children. There’s no an oz of brattiness, and also that’s due to the fact that Sandra is nothing however a mother to them.”

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