Chris Tucker’s job hit the stratosphere ~ he showed up in Rush Hour.

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Because that its success, he was able to negotiate one extremely profitable deal to appear in the sequel. Looking back at stated negotiations, Tucker states he told new Line Cinema he needed $20 million because, frankly, another activity star had allegedly got a similar payout in ~ the time.


Jackie Chan and also Chris Tucker with each other at an event in 2017 | C Flanigan/Getty Images

‘Rush Hour’ made kris Tucker an worldwide star

Tucker was already known for his job-related in movies such together Friday, Money Talks, and The 5th Element, yet he became a global star once he did Rush Hour, a buddy-cop comedy film that likewise starred Jackie Chan.

Recalling just how he landed the movie, Tucker claimed in a January interview ~ above Shannon Sharpe’s podcast, Club Shay Shay, the he’d been looking for new work ~ completing other projects. He and his manager approached new Line Cinema and were told about plans for Rush Hour.

“So we went after it and also tried to acquire the sirloin Hour script and also do the movie through Jackie,” that said. “And it came together because one the the producers want me in the movie. They want a fresh confront … and also I got the part.”

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According to Variety, Tucker was paid $3 million for the film.

Rush Hour debuted in theater in 1998 and became a big hit at package office, pulling in an ext than $240 million worldwide.

How chris Tucker negotiated his ‘Rush Hour 2’ salary

When asked around Rush Hour 2, Tucker was down for the — yet only for the right number.

“Back then, i said, ~ the success of the first Rush Hour, my movie made over $100 million, Tom Cruise’s movie made end $100 million. He’s gaining $20 million, so I need to obtain $20 million,” Tucker recalled come Sharpe.

“So I simply went in there and also told the studio, ‘If y’all wanna do one more one, I desire $20 million.’ and they stated OK since they knew the it was gonna do a whole bunch of money. And I felt prefer I to be worth that due to the fact that I knew the movie to be gonna make some more money too,” Tucker continued.

“I guess that’s the company side of me the said, walk ahead and also ask because that it. This is the moment to ask because that it,” he added.

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Tucker would ultimately earn an even bigger paycheck because that Rush Hour 3 — $25 million to be exact, making the Hollywood’s highest-paid gibbs at the time.

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Will there be a ‘Rush Hour 4’?

As Digital Spy notes, Tucker has actually repeatedly stated Rush Hour 4 is in the works. He defined in a January interview top top the Winging it podcast: “We’re working on a few things top top the script right now. Jackie Chan wants to do it, I desire to perform it, the studio wants to perform it, therefore we’re trying to obtain it together.”

However, Chan’s management company clarified in a later statement the its client actually hadn’t agreed to anything.

With that, it’s difficult to phone call if the sequel will happen. We guess we’ll see.