Oprah could have lost weight through Weight Watchers, yet she has gained a totality lot more. The self-proclaimed bread-lover reportedly lost roughly 41 pounds ~ above the program in 2016 yet has since gained millions of dollars from her 2015 investment.

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Curious to know around Oprah’s weight Watchers investment deal? we share the details, ahead.

Oprah owns 10% of weight Watchers stock. | Mike Coppola /istock/Getty Images

How much did Oprah invest in load Watchers

In 2015, load Watchers announced among its most far-reaching — and most famous — investor yet: Oprah Winfrey. According to the this firm report, Oprah invested $43.20 million because that 6,362,103 shares. At the time, one share expense $6.79.

Today, numerous reports state the Oprah owns about ten percent of weight Watchers stock with the potential to thrive that by 5 percent. If the happens, the media mogul will boost her all at once stake come a chuck 15 percent. As component of her 2015 deal, Oprah has an possibility to purchase 3.5 million an ext shares at $6.97 a piece. The deal would conserve her millions, as a single Weight Watchers share quadrupled because her early investment.

How lot money has actually Oprah do on load Watchers

Since her initial investment, Oprah has seen a far-reaching return. Follow to Business Insider, Oprah made millions off the bet with a total profit amounting to $300 million. “Including the initial invest of $43 million, her full stake is currently worth much more than $500 million,” the publication reports.

That said, load Watchers spike in success has little to perform with its company model. In fact, in many ways, Oprah (and load Watchers) has actually herself to thank for the profit.

The face of weight Watchers

Several reports state the Weight Watchers didn’t make Oprah money, Oprah made Oprah money. In addition to investing big money, Oprah likewise became the confront of weight Watchers and also her “I love bread” advertisement paid turn off tremendously. Her load loss journey — and also involvement in advertising and brand visibility — has actually not only made her millions, however it likewise inspired plenty of Oprah pan to invest in their weight loss journey through the company’s membership program.

“Since Oprah came to be the confront of the company, load Watchers has actually posted eight consecutive quarters of membership increases,” Fortune reported in January 2018. Because of she promotional efforts, Oprah was able to drive the this firm — and also her very own — success through the millions.

Oprah’s net worth

Albeit in the millions, Oprah’s load Watchers deal amounts for a small fraction of the media mogul’s as whole net worth. According to Forbes real Time network Worth ranking, Oprah’s network worth amounts to around $2.9 billion. The former talk show host has actually a career the spans four years with far-ranging investments — such as Weight Watchers — that have actually paid off follow me the way.

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Her talk show profits, i m sorry she has reinvested, include up to about $2 billion. She also owns 25.5% of her cable channel, Oprah Winfrey Network (OWN), which amounts to around $75 million. That linked with her weight Watchers investment, and other avenues make her one of the many successful self-made females in the world.