The expense of rest and recreation because that U.S. Presidents deserve to be difficult to calculate. Yet government records make reasonable estimates possible. The short answer: Taxpayers room footing large bills in security and travel prices for presidents to obtain away native the White House. Chairman Barack Obama and his family expense the American taxpayers in the range of $100 million throughout his eight years in office. Right now, president Donald trump card is on track to cost something near to that in his first year.

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Judicial Watch, a conservative watchdog group, obtained government records in December 2016 close to the end of the Obama management and summarized the Obama family"s eight year of travel, putting the known cost at $96.9 million. "The Obamas" infamous abuse that presidential take trip perks wasted armed forces resources and also stressed the secret Service. Justice Watch estimates that the final expenses of Obama"s unnecessary vacation and also political take trip will well exceed $100 million," Judicial watch president Tom Fitton stated in December. At that time, that added: "President-elect trumped can automatically save taxpayers money by reforming presidential travel."

What is Fitton saying around Trump"s travels so far? "It"s a rather evident use of taxpayer resources for watch unnecessary purposes."

Obama"s travel in eight years:

$96.9 million

Highlights native documents derived by righteousness Watch:

• an enig Service records show Obama"s April 2015 planet Day pilgrimage to give a global warming speech in the Everglades price taxpayers $145,752.36, make the total cost that the trip at the very least $1,012,367.76.

• Air force records concerning Michelle Obama"s expedition to Morocco, Spain and also Liberia through her daughters in June 2016 revealed $450,026.40 in flight expenses alone. A C-32A to be flown for 28.4 hours.

• Air force records display that the Obamas" respectable 2016 vacation to Martha"s Vineyard expense taxpayers $450,295 in flight costs alone.

• CNN notes the a GAO report about a four-day expedition Obama took to Florida in 2013 — one comparable to Trump"s trips — found the complete cost to the an enig Service and Coast Guard was $3.6 million.

Trump"s take trip in 88 days:

$21 million

• trump is on speed in his very first year that office to strategy Obama"s safety on take trip for his whole eight years, follow to CNN"s estimates.

• His Easter weekend expedition to Mar-a-Lago, his private club in Florida, to be his seventh visit there in 13 weekends due to the fact that taking office.

• approximates of the price of trips to Mar-a-Lago hover around $3 million every weekend, i m sorry would mean $21 million was burned in Trump"s very first months in office.

• The Palm beach County Sheriff"s Office has actually spent $3.5 million due to the fact that the election, including $1.5 million for the Chinese president"s visit, which attractive a pair of thousands demonstrators.

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So what about golf?

The Tampa only Times" PolitiFact has actually tracked the variety of times Donald Trump has actually played golf, compared with Barack Obama in ~ the same suggest of his presidency. The count together of now: trump card 14, Obama 0.