President Donald Trump theatre a ring of golf at Trump Turnberry high-end Collection Resort throughout his an initial official visit to the uk on July 15, 2018, in Turnberry, Scotland. While running for president, trump promised he would never ever play golf if elected.Leon Neal/Getty Images
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President Donald Trump"s golf outings have already cost U.S. Taxpayers at the very least $102 million, according to an evaluation from the HuffPost.

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The $102 million payment by american to cover security and also travel expenses on the golf trips throughout Trump"s almost two and half years in office was about $12.7 million less than what Barack Obama and also his family members spent top top travel throughout Obama"s eight year in the White House, according to documents obtained by justice Watch, a conservative federal government watchdog that relies on open up records laws.

HuffPost said it "took a conservative method to identify costs" of Trump"s travel. The calculated Air force One operating expenses at $15,994 per-hour—the price the fuel and also maintenance—although Pentagon records received by judicial Watch showed that each flight-hour cost $180,118 in fiscal year 2016 and also $206,337 in budget year 2015.


President Donald Trump theatre a ring of golf in ~ Trump Turnberry high-end Collection Resort throughout his first official visit come the uk on July 15, 2018, in Turnberry, Scotland.Leon Neal/Getty ImagesThe quantity of money invested by trump card on golf because taking office highlights the disconnect in between his project statements and also his conduct while president. Top top the campaign trail throughout the 2016 election, Trump criticize Obama for golfing. In 2016, that tweeted "While our wonderful president was out playing golf all day, the TSA is fall apart, similar to our government! Airports a full disaster!"

His project comments about Obama"s golf habit ongoing the criticism the lobbed together a personal citizen, once he tweeted frequently about Obama"s golfing.

Trump"s own golf outings have actually been a constant target since his hatchet began. The president has actually golfed with figures including rush Limbaugh, Bret Baier and Sean Hannity due to the fact that taking office. The has additionally hit the web links with Japanese element Minister Abe Shinzo, and also Senators edge Paul and Lindsey Graham.

Last month, NBC News reported the Trump had spent 252 days at his properties, such as Mar-a-Lago and also Trump worldwide Hotel, and 187 days in ~ golf properties, such together Trump national Bedminster, in new Jersey.

The cost of Trump"s travel has exacerbated ethics breaches in ~ his administration. A number of Trump management figures have drawn backlash because that their travel habits. Former ecological Protection firm Administrator Scott Pruitt spent $124,000 of taxpayer money ~ above first- and also business-class take trip while top the agency, follow to the agency"s inspector general. Former Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke also violated company travel policy by having his wife take trip in federal government vehicles.

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Correction: This story noted Bret Baier together a famous conservative. That is a Fox News anchor. This has been corrected.