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When the was marketing President Trump generally bashed chairman Obama for play golf and said the he would certainly be too busy to play. Every a HuffPost post he said, “I love golf, yet if ns were in the White House, ns don’t think I’d ever before see Turnberry again. Ns don’t think I’d ever before see Doral again,” the told a rally audience in February 2016, referring to his course near the Miami airport. “I don’t ever before think I’d see anything. I simply want to remain in the White House and work mine ass off.”

trump tweet about Obama golfing


It took much less than 2 weeks before he damaged that promise vs. Obama no playing his very first round till he had been in office for about three months and Obama no visit a course exterior of the DC area until August 2009, seven months ~ his inauguration. One reason Trump has been able to play so lot golf is the he inherited an economic climate that remained in very good shape vs. Obama taking office in the teeth of the great Recession.

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As can be checked out in the chart listed below from, Trump has played at least 88 rounds of golf due to the fact that he ended up being President, has actually likely played 139 and has went to golf courses over 193 days. These compare to Obama’s 76 outings over the very same timeframe.

Trump’s golf trips have nearly exclusively been to his properties. Listed below is a failure of Trump’s visits.

Trump golf outings end 2 and a fifty percent years

1 the 193 outings were to the President’s Cup 2 of 193 outings to be in Japan 3 the 193 outings were at Trump’s Ireland course 190 of 193 outings to be to Trump’s golf nature 20 flights come Bedminster, brand-new Jersey, come visit Trump’s food 24 flights to Mar-a-Lago

At his current pace Trump will certainly visit his golf properties about 310 times and also if he is re-elected it would certainly 620.

Air pressure One

Defense visual Information circulation Services, GAO-19-178

So far Trump’s golf trips have cost at least $105 million

Trump’s trips come his golf process are really expensive and also much an ext than Obama’s since Trump’s have actually been much more frequent and also usually needs Air force One and all the accompanying defense arraignments.

From a combination of an evaluation from the HuffPost, the GAO or General audit Office, Politico and also the Washington article using prices from both Obama and also Trump golf trips the estimated cost of Trump’s access time so far pertained to a variety of $105 to $108 million. When you extrapolate the $105 million estimate to eight years, assuming trumped is re-elected, the complete cost is end $340 million.

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GAO report on 4 visits to Mar-a-Lago by chairman Trump

General audit Office

The GAO report approximated that just 4 of Trump’s trips to Mar-a-Lago cost:

$13.6 million carry out not “capture every one of the full expenditures by the government” perform not “include particular classified cost information” $60,000 in expenses paid to Mar-a-Lago (there have actually been 24 therefore far) Were not able to recognize meals and also incidental expenses, if any, that may have been occurs at the Mar-a-Lago club

President"s limo

Defense intuitive Information circulation Services, GAO-19-178

To placed $340 million into perspective the is:

106 time Trump’s $400,000 salary end 8 years linked (which that is donating earlier to the government) nearly twice the $190 million annual cost for the tranquility Corps $25 million more than the $315 million yearly cost because that the General bookkeeping Office about 10 times the about $35 million price of the Mueller investigation but in reality Mueller’s team brought in an ext than it spent because of acquiring enough of Manafort’s legacy to much more than salary the full expense


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