Maintaining Trump"s lavish way of living could cause sticker shock and cost taxpayers thousands of millions that dollars.

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Maintaining Trump"s lavish way of living could reason sticker shock and cost taxpayers thousands of millions the dollars.

Question: "President Obama, when he remained in office, he invested $33,000 a day for his expenses. . . . Our chairman now, in ~ this time, his median is $3 million a day."

Rep. Ted Yoho, R-Fla.: "It"s costing the $60,000 a day as soon as he comes down for extra care, yet Palm Beach stated they"re walk to put an extra taxes for that. President Obama spent, what to be it, $97 million in his eight years. . . . He saw Hawaii a lot. He checked out Africa fairly a bit. The went approximately the world. . . . He visited Africa, and also he took your kids and also friends and all that. Ninety-seven-million dollars in eight years, man."- Exchange during a town hall in Palatka, Fla., April 11, 2017

Question: "I heard you say earlier that girlfriend didn"t treatment what Donald Trump walk on the weekend and, frankly, neither carry out I. Except, he desires me come pay because that it. . . . Does this worry you in ~ all?"

Sen. Jeff Flake, R-Ariz.: "I wasn"t critical of the critical president or the president prior to that, because that what they do in your off time. . . . I"m not going to tell the president wherein he can or cannot invest his weekends."- Exchange during a city hall in Mesa, Ariz., April 13, 2017

"I carry out wish that he would certainly spend an ext time in Washington, D.C. That"s what we have the White house for."- Sen. Joni Ernst, R-Iowa, prize at town hall in wall Lake, Iowa, April 18, 2017


President Donald Trump"s travels to his Mar-a-Lago residential property in Florida space a constant topic at town halls hosted by members of Congress during the April recess. We"ve been asking readers come send united state fact-checkable cases from their town halls, and some reader flagged claims about the cost of Trump"s trips.

Flake and Ernst shared their opinions in response to constituents" questions. But Yoho"s an answer involved claims that merit a truth check. Walk Obama go to Africa "quite a bit" v his family and friends? exactly how does the $97 million number for Obama"s travel compare v the $60,000-a-day figure for Trump"s travels to Mar-a-Lago?


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U.S. Chairman Donald Trump come on Air force One at the Palm Beach international Airport to spend Easter weekend in ~ Mar-a-Lago will on April 13, 2017 in West Palm Beach, Florida.

U.S. President Donald Trump come on Air force One at the Palm Beach international Airport to invest Easter weekend in ~ Mar-a-Lago resort on April 13, 2017 in West Palm Beach, Florida.

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Presidential travel costs are not easily made public, so in ~ the moment we just have actually snapshots of the complete price tag. Together you can imagine, presidential trips require intricate planning and also security measures, and also the main costs involve transportation and secret Service detail.

There to be a the majority of numbers in the exchange in between the constituent and also Yoho, so we"ll define each the them.

Obama"s $97 million end eight years: This is an calculation by the conservative group Judicial Watch, i beg your pardon tallied an enig Service and Air Force expenses incurred throughout the former first family"s personal travels. Judicial watch President Tom Fitton stated the team tracked trips the were "political, leisurely or otherwise unnecessary," consisting of vacations come Martha"s Vineyard and also travels throughout the 2016 project as Hillary Clinton"s surrogates.

Obama"s $33,000 per day: This is $97 million, separated by eight years, split by 365 days.

Trump"s $3 million every day: The constituent shows up to be referring to a number floating top top the net for Trump"s expense per expedition to Mar-a-Lago in Palm Beach. The figure, $3.6 million to it is in exact, comes from an October 2016 federal government Accountability Office (GAO) report about Obama"s February 2013 golf weekend come Palm Beach.

But together the linked Press found, the trips space not straight comparable. Obama"s February 2013 trip contained a protect against in Chicago, whereby he provided a speech prior to going come Florida because that his golf weekend. The stop added costs come the total estimate.

Judicial Watch estimates Trump"s Mar-a-Lago visits at closer to $1 million, once calculated just with the estimated expenses for Air force One and an enig Service. However there is no documented figure.

Trump"s $60,000 every day: Yoho is describing just how much it costs Palm coast County every day to pay because that local regulation enforcement to work-related overtime once Trump access time Mar-a-Lago. Together Yoho says, the county wants to levying a special tax on the will to pay because that the overtime defense costs.

That is only one piece of the complete price the Trump"s Mar-a-Lago visits, and also it excludes mystery Service or Air pressure costs. Moreover, several of Trump"s trips to Mar-a-Lago are "working" trips, wherein he conducts some main business, such as hosting international dignitaries at his golf club. That method they"re not directly equivalent to the purely leisurely trips tallied under Obama"s $97 million.

Fitton stated some Mar-a-Lago trips can be justified and also wouldn"t necessarily suggest a misuse or abuse the presidential travel.

"His vacations to Hawaii expense millions the dollars," Fitton said. "The political trouble with president Trump, and the accountability problem, is after a period of time, the cost will be challenging for the to be able to defend. That doesn"t help that we don"t understand what the costs are due to the fact that the Defense Department and Department of Homeland defense haven"t acquired their act together to turn them over to us."

The Washington article reported that the person that is abnormal lavish way of life of Trump and also his family is pushing the rate of his travel costs beyond his predecessors", and "could balloon into the numerous millions that dollars over the course of a four-year term."

Did Obama walk to Africa "quite a bit" v his friends and family? not really.

Obama took three trips to seven African countries. That"s 7 out of 58 countries he went to as president through both terms. President bill Clinton saw 10 african countries, and also George W. Bush visited 11. Bush visited once with his wife and also two daughters, and also another time simply with his wife.

Obama take it his wife and daughters on his 2013 pilgrimage to three African countries, in ~ an approximated price tags of 10s of numerous dollars - maybe the many expensive that his tenure. The federal government listed all the resources, due to the fact that the choices in developing areas did not accomplish White residence standards, The article reported. The made the trip an especially costly. Clinton and Bush made similarly resource-intensive trips.

Yoho"s staff did not carry out a response or comment, but we will upgrade this fact check if we obtain one.


There to be a most interest at current town halls around Trump"s travel to Mar-a-Lago, and also how much they room costing taxpayers. Yoho, responding come a constituent through some inaccurate information, did not make one apples-to-apples comparison of Trump"s and also Obama"s travels in the city hall. Yoho noted the daily cost of $60,000 for Trump"s Mar-a-Lago trips, vs. Obama"s $97 million in travel costs over eight years. But the $60,000 represents a fraction of the costs per trip; it"s just the expense to the Palm coast County government.

Some of Trump"s Mar-a-Lago trips involve main work, vice versa, the Obama family members trips counted in the $97 million figure are ones that a conservative team deemed "political, leisurely or otherwise unnecessary" to taxpayers. Therefore the two figures are not directly comparable.

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And when Obama"s trips to Africa were costly (as to be the Africa trips that Bush and also Clinton), the didn"t go "quite a bit" once you look at his Africa trips compared with the rest of his travels together president. We award two Pinocchios to Yoho.