It’s solid a an enig that chairman Barack Obama and also his household like to spend their Christmases in Hawaii. They arrived in Honolulu top top Friday, Dec. 16, 2016, because that their yearly Christmas vacation, simply as they’ve done every year because Obama take it office. So just how much execute these vacations expense U.S. Taxpayers? A lot, actually, yet the president has actually a tough job therefore it can be said that that deserves a nice rest now and also again.

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Secret Service: $1.2 Million

No very first family deserve to go all over without one entourage of an enig Service protection. We can take their wages out that the equation due to the fact that they safety the family members under every circumstances, not just on holidays, but that still leaves their meals, accommodations and transportation costs.

The total secret Service invoice for the first Family’s 2013 vacation come in at virtually $317,000, however there are questions regarding what precisely that included. The number dropped come slightly less than $246,000 for the Obamas’ 2015 trip, but this number reportedly covered simply rented homes, hotel rooms and also resort accommodations. As soon as all mystery Service expenses for critical year’s trip were tallied up, Judicial watch calculates the the tab increased to $1.2 million, including practically $166,000 because that rental cars.

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Judicial watch is a non-partisan team that papers Freedom of info Act lawsuits to get to the bottom of all things governmental.


Air force One: $3.2 to $3.7 Million

Jet fuel isn’t cheap. Firing up Air force One prices taxpayers $206,337 for every hour the president’s airplane is in the air. Air pressure One costs for the 2015 vacation were in overfill of $3.5 million, follow to judicial Watch.


Other Flights: $3.59 Million

Air pressure One bring away the an initial Family come Hawaii and also carries them residence again, but other flight prices accrue together well.

The Obamas’ full flight expenses for the 2013 pilgrimage to Hawaii, consisting of Air pressure One, came out to $7.78 million, follow to judicial Watch. This dropped to $3.59 million or for this reason in 2015, also including the use that a second jet, a military-type Boeing 757, by the very first Lady. The Boeing prices $15,846 one hour for 19.7 hours of trip time — that’s an ext than $312,000.


Rental Cars: $91,751

And, that course, don’t forget all those black Suburbans that ferry the first Family and secret Service around the islands. They require gas to keep them going, too. Judicial Watch received records indicating the the total “air and rail” costs for the mystery Service to be $67,964 for the 2015 trip, and a total of $91,751 was paid because that rental cars because that the very first Family alone.

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Accommodations: $225,000

The Obamas are reportedly staying at a rented private residence in 2016, as has been their preference over the years. A full of $224,974 to be paid come Paradise luxury Rentals and Cabana Girl, llc for the very first Family’s accommodations in 2015. It’s estimated that these houses run as lot as $10,000 a night, and also most of the presidential Hawaiian vacations have actually covered spans of an ext than 2 weeks.


Meals: Unknown

Technically, the president is claimed to pay for his very own meals and also those the his family, whether he’s in residence in Washington or traveling elsewhere. Taxpayers only pick up the tab for the an enig Service and other staffers that accompany the family members on trips.

Other 보다 the in its entirety figures attributable to the secret Service, exact numbers for these costs is unknown. The watchdog group waited about two years for its 2013 presidential Hawaiian vacation disclosures and, even then, the an enig Service redacted about 28 pages.

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Activities and Leisure: not the Taxpayers’ load

Your taxes dollars no paying for President Obama’s golf gamings or various other activities. Just as meals space a president’s an individual responsibility, so are leisure activities. The President was reported to have played seven rounds of golf in 2015, and also he and also the household went hiking and snorkeling together well, yet we deserve to assume the whipped out his own plastic for these fun times.

Of course, we understand that the mystery Service must have tagged along on all these excursions, however if taxpayers footed the invoice so they might snorkel alongside the President, this could have been amongst the info redacted and blacked out prior to submission to Judicial Watch. Much more likely, however, these expenses were included in the all at once figures for expenses incurred by the mystery Service walking on vacation, too.

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Total Cost: about $8 Million Annually

With every one of the details gathered to date, last year’s presidential trip to Hawaii reportedly expense taxpayers around $8 million, lot the very same as in 2013. Numbers aren’t accessible for other years, at least not yet, however you can bet the an initial Family’s 2016 Christmas vacation will certainly be similar — if not even more.