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Flag in former of Iran’s foreign Ministry structure in Tehran(Morteza Nikoubazl/Reuters)

The Washington Post’s “factchecks” the the an initial night of the Republican national Convention mostly represent democratic Party rebuttals to what are debatable politics contentions. One, however, stuck the end as specifically misleading. Here is a statement by former ambassador Nikki Haley the the Post takes exemption to:

Obama and also Biden let Iran obtain away through murder and literally sent out them a airplane full the cash. President Trump go the best thing and also ripped increase the Iran nuclear deal.

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Why was this fact-checked in ~ all?

The very first part of Haley’s delinquent is indisputable. The Obama administration sent the Iranian terror regime a planeload the cash. It claims so best there in valley Kessler’s piece: “An initial payment of $400 million was handed end on Jan. 17, 2016, the work after Iran released four American detainees, including The Washington Post’s Jason Rezaian.”

The second component of Haley’s contention is simply an opinion — debatable, perhaps, however not fact-checkable.


Kessler’s insurance claim that “the early stage cash payment was Iran’s money,” top top the various other hand, is extremely misleading. The cash in inquiry only came to be “Iran’s money” ~ Obama privately sent it to the Mullahs in an there was no sign cargo aircraft — or, in the same way a bag the cash i do not care the “kidnapper’s money” when it’s delivered.

In reality, the United states was under no duty to salary Iran in the summer that 2016, or ever. Us were in the middle of a long, unresolved problem in former of the Iran–United States insurance claims Tribunal in ~ The Hague over cash advances that to be owed come the Shah’s federal government for military tools we refuse to provide after the 1979 revolution.

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You can recall that, in 1979, the Islamic Republic began prosecuting the war versus the United says — taking hostages, targeting civilians, and also funding anti-American terror groups that began murdering U.S. Servicemen in 1982.

In any kind of event, because that over 37 years, through 5 administrations, the United claims didn’t think it was “Iran’s money.” that was just Obama who secretly sent pallets that euros and Swiss francs to Iran, just as Haley contends. And that money was nearly surely supplied to fund proxies the were not only perpetuating conflicts throughout the Middle eastern but likewise killing Americans, as Haley likewise contends.

Even man Kerry was forced to recognize that the money Obama shipped to Tehran would likely end up in hand of the Iran’s Revolutionary guard — a group that is putting bounties top top American soldiers and is behind the killing of 600 American servicemen.

Obama’s defenders rarely, if ever, point out that in 2000 President invoice Clinton signed the “Victims the Trafficking and also Violence defense Act,” i beg your pardon dictates the no money must be refunded till U.S. Court judgments held versus Iran for damages due to terrorist acts against American citizens space resolved. They have actually not been.

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The Iranian government, Iranian entities, and also Iranian officials quiet owe american somewhere approximately $53 billion in outstanding federal court judgments.