In April 2009, Walt Disney photos released Hannah Montana: The Movie, which traction in $155 million worldwide.

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miley cyrus as hannah montana
Miley Cyrus was simply 14 years old as soon as she landed her huge break play Hannah Montana in the Disney Channel comedy series, i m sorry ran indigenous 2006 till 2011. However aside from the truth that her popularity on the TV show helped propel her booming music career, the singer additionally made a fortune thanks to her hefty value fee.

Hannah Montana came to be such a success, it even led present bosses come commission a feature-length film, title Hannah Montana: The Movie, in 2009, which go on come gross one astounding $155 million in ~ the worldwide box office.

however how much did Miley in reality pocket per illustration from her time together the pop superstar?

Miley Cyrus’ value On ‘Hannah Montana’

as soon as Miley was 11, she was approached to audition because that an upcoming TV series on Disney Channel, and also once she had landed the part, the “Mother’s Daughter” hitmaker called Elle in an interview that she didn’t also bother negotiating she deal.

according to Miley, she was just excited to be on television that she didn’t desire there come be any chance the Disney offering the role to another actress over a disagreement worrying her salary fee.

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after all, that wasn’t around the money because that Miley, however she knew that being component of the Disney family members was going to open up doors for her regardless.

“I simply wanted to it is in on TV,” she called the publication earlier in 2016. ”I mean, in ~ one point—they’ll most likely kill me because that saying it—I was more than likely the the very least paid human being in the cast because I no know any kind of better.

“I was just like, I can be on Disney! Yeah, I desire to perform it! My surname was Miley on my show, but I didn’t very own my name—we no think about that.”

while it’s never been disclosed what Miley do in the show’s an initial run, number of reports claim that through season two, she to be earning a cool $15,000 per episode.

At that point, Disney Channel realized they had actually a struggle on your hands, meaning that its command star was evidently walk to obtain a pay increase from whatever amount she made in season one, i beg your pardon Miley would have been happy about since she to be at one suggest the lowest-earning cast member on the show.

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Then, in June 2007, the 28-year-old exit the soundtrack album, Hannah Montana 2, for the 2nd season, which walk on to sell an eye-watering 325,000 duplicates in its first week, consequently earning the No. 1 spot on the Billboard hot 200.

The large success on the charts gave Disney all the much more reason to believe that investing money into the Hannah Montana brand was indeed going to earn them millions in revenue, and that’s specifically what they ended up doing.

Ratings ongoing to soar for the present — even in its 3rd season, once numbers in ratings were surpassing an mean of an ext than 4.2 million weekly viewers, make Hannah Montana one of the best offerings top top the network.

In April 2009, Walt Disney photos released Hannah Montana: The Movie, which traction in $155 million worldwide, showing just how famous the brand had come to be over the year while over there wasn’t one teenager at the moment who hadn’t heard the Miley at that point.

She’d end up being a family members name and a pressure to be reckoned with in the music industry.

The fourth and also final series of the hit situational comedy aired in 2010, and while fans to be stunned through the announcement the Miley was looking to move on through her life — and from the personality she’d to be playing because she was a pre-teen — lock were additionally excited to watch what was following for the actress who’d already become a global pop star as soon as she quit.

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In a open minded chat v Elle, Miley recalled the minute she knew she no much longer wanted to play Hannah Montana, revealing: “nce i was 18 since it feel ridiculous.“

“The minute I had sex, i was kind of like, ns can’t put the f*cking wig ~ above again. It gained weird. It simply felt prefer … i was grown up.”

She then quipped: “One time i went backstage at Disneyland, and also Peter Pan was smoking a cigarette. And I was like, ‘That’s me. It is the type of desires I’m crushing.’ That’s just how everyone felt with the bong video, but I’m no a Disney mascot. Ns a person.”

The very same year the Miley battered Hannah Montana was the year a video clip of her smoking a bond had gone viral online — clearly, Miley knew she no longer represented the great girl photo she’d been play on Disney Channel, and she was prepared to move on with her life.

Today, Miley is worth an tremendous $160 million and her music job is simply as successful as it to be 10 years ago, with recent hits such together “Midnight Sky” and also “Physical” lifted from she seventh studio album, Plastic Hearts.

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