LAS VEGAS: Conor McGregor talked large leading approximately UFC 194 but somehow controlled to walk even bigger.

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McGregor produced an extraordinary power to dismantle Jose Aldo in simply 13 secs to win the featherweight title, taking house a most likely paycheck of more than $16 million (almost $1.3 million for each 2nd of action) and also keeping his impressive juggernaut of popularity chugging along apace.


Good occupational if you deserve to get: Conor McGregor celebrates his triumph over Jose Aldo.Credit:Getty Images

It took just one fierce beat to decide the clash and also to end the operation of Aldo. The Brazilian to be undefeated in 10 years and was the's only champion in the 145-pound (65.8kg) division, yet to be knocked the end with record quickness for a UFC title fight.

McGregor, the 27-year-old Irishman, proved that all his bold suspect and constant boasting were, if anything, understated. As with he had foreseen and foretold, a brutal left audioeditorfree.come Aldo's chin to be decisive.


In the spotlight: Conor McGregor.Credit:Getty photos

"If you can see it and also have the courage enough to speak it, it will certainly happen," McGregor said. "A many times people believe in particular things but they store it to themselves, they don't put it out there. If you think in it enough the legislation of attraction will audioeditorfree.come into it and also it will happen.

"With the exactly amount of force and the correct timing, the human being chin cannot take it it."

After McGregor to reduce Aldo to the canvas he automatically swooped in audioeditorfree.come hammer his fist into his rival's face prior to referee john McCarthy moved him away to carry the main event to a dramatic conclusion.


McGregor is currently the face of the UFC, no question around it, a confront that snarls and also sneers and spews verbal vitriol yet then periodically delivers a grin cheeky sufficient to make you wonder if it is all a game and also you're in on the joke v him.


McGregor sends Jose Aldo to the floor in December 2015.Credit:AP

He is a cartoonish character in plenty of ways, the perfect promotional blend of obnoxiousness and also brazen humor, but there is nothing funny around the method he fights.

It is a truly fascinating story, just how a former apprentice plumber native Dublin became a household name in the united States and found himself on course to beaudioeditorfree.come the highest-earning fighter in the background of blended martial arts.

The journey has been assisted in by his skill and toil and capacity to elicit a guarantee emotion indigenous whoever witnesses his antics, generally separation into different camps of those who find him insanity entertaining and also those who desire to check out him obtain silenced with a smack in the mouth.

McGregor doesn't treatment too lot either means and neither does UFC powerbroker Dana White, that rode the personality cult that McGregor and also his passionate audioeditorfree.complying with to a door of $10.1 million, the second biggest in the background of the

Assuming the approximated pay per view figure of one million buys is met climate McGregor's share will be in the an ar of $US12 million ($16.7m). A most money because that such a short night's work for sure, but much more of it will follow.

Aldo was related to as the No.1 pound-for-pound fighter in the UFC heading into the bout. "There requirements to be a rematch," Aldo said. "It was not really a fight."

However, there space a multitude of options that are presented prior to McGregor now and also a swift return is unlikely to be in ~ the head of his thoughts.

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Frankie Edgar most likely earned himself a featherweight location shot by beating Chad Mendes this week, though McGregor has set his sights top top the 155-pound (70.3kg) load class and also says he desires to organize belts simultaneously.