Floyd Mayweather freshly squared increase in a match against Logan Paul and also now he offers an idea as to how lot money the made native the event.

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Floyd Mayweather Logan Paul
famous YouTube creator Logan Paul and Floyd Mayweather recently squared increase in a celebrity boxing exhibition match in which Paul walk the distance v the superior boxer. Mayweather offered boxing pan an idea of how much money that netted because that that occasion while doing a Showtime Boxing push event, and it"s a lot.

Floyd Mayweather freshly made an appearance during a current Showtime Boxing press event setup up the boxing struggle between Gervonta Davis and Mario Barrios. The boxing legend left the phase with a flex about his fight versus YouTube sensation Logan Paul from critical month. Follow to the boxer, that made $100 million from the celebrity boxing match versus Paul alone.

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The fight in between Davis and Barrios took place on June 26. During the recent press event setting that up, Mayweather made several jokes. When Davis was described as the most interesting fighter in the sport of boxing, Mayweather asked if he was the best financial institution robber. Mayweather asserted not to understand anyone else in the sport that have the right to stack money as he can, and also if the $100 million that made encountering off versus Logan Paul is anything to go by, he might be right.

Mayweather continues to box flawlessly as the undefeated boxer didn"t lose in his $100 million bout v Paul. There space very few boxers who have the right to keep up v the 5"8" boxer and also although Paul had the ability to go the distance during their celebrity boxing exhibition match, the fight lacked a chose victor. Follow to Floyd Mayweather, results are important and he"s impressed v the results of his celebrity boxing exhibition enhance with Logan Paul. The boxer proclaimed the he"s the only boxer who deserve to do a fake fight and a "legalized spar for $100 m"s."

Undefeated boxer Floyd Mayweather wasn"t the only person laughing at his jabs towards Paul at the recent press event. The boxer to be noticeably having a an excellent time with his jokes together he walked roughly the stage with a large grin when clad in multiple gold chains. There space very couple of boxers ~ above Mayweather"s level and he made that known during this event. Since the current press event with Mayweather, Gervonta Davis went on come crush Mario Barrios v a round-11 TKO to end up being the new WBA super-lightweight champion.

when celebrity boxing matches will doubtlessly continue into the future, Mayweather may have actually peaked with how much money he will make native them. Return his exhibition enhance with Logan Paul freshly blew increase both the boxing and also YouTube worlds, $100 million is a large price come top.

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Logan Paul may have declared victory for going the distance v Floyd Mayweather and also Mayweather"s $100 million earnings present that nobody shed when the event was over.