just how Much Logan Paul & Floyd Mayweather were Paid For your Fight The boxing match between all-time an excellent Floyd Mayweather and also former masked Singer contestant Logan Paul is over. Here"s exactly how much money lock made.

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Floyd Mayweather vs logan Paul how much money paid because that the fight
The June 6 exhibition boxing complement between Floyd Mayweather and Logan Paul has come and gone, netting countless dollars to both fighters in one of the oddest and also most talked-about experienced fights of the past few years - however how much did Paul and also Mayweather actually get paid? The numbers are a bit complex because the exhibition layout of the match means less main documentation, but a closer look gives a pretty specific idea of what each challenger walked far with.

From the beginning, the Mayweather/Paul struggle was guarantee to be a large payday for the two stars – especially Mayweather. The 44-year-old previous multi-weight class people champion is widely seen as one of the best boxers of every time, specifically when it concerns his quickness and defensive play. Paul, by contrast, is far better known for his YouTube career, do homophobic remarks, animal cruelty, and also belittling self-destruction than the is for his expert boxing document (0-1). The only reason because that Mayweather to step back into the ring because that such one exhibition was evident – basic payout because that dueling who entirely below his skill.

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So how much did “Money” Mayweather in reality make because that toying v Paul because that eight rounds? It can be as much as $100 million. Reports state the Floyd’s contract guarantee a $10 million payout, to add 50 percent of all pay-per-view (PPV) earnings. Prior to the fight, Floyd approximated that he could be collection to bring in an ext than $100 million, relying on how the fight sold. Paul’s contract was significantly smaller, however reportedly still guarantee him $250,000 and 10 percent of every PPV earnings. Prior to the fight, Paul estimated that he might make close come $20 million because that the fight.

Floyd Mayweather Logan Paul
How precise the fighters’ estimates were, however, isn’t entirely clear. Since the fight to be an exhibition with no main winner (though Mayweather clearly dominated the match), there’s less official public documentation. Mayweather’s ahead bouts against Manny Pacquiao and also Conor McGregor – 2 of the most-watched boxing occasions in background – garnered 4.6 million and 4.3 million PPV purchases, respectively. At $49.99 every purchase, the Paul/Mayweather fight would have needed to sell close to 4 million fight packages because that the fighters to hit their lofty estimates. However, some at an early stage reports of pre-order numbers for the fight declared that it to be being purchased in ~ a disappointingly short rate.

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It’s impossible to know precisely how lot Mayweather and also Paul took home from their exhibition, yet it’s safe to say that it was a financial victory for both. Mayweather likely made upwards that $50 million, and also up come as much as $100 million, and Paul can have do anywhere between $5 million and also $20 million. The just losers, perhaps, to be the numerous viewers who came to see a knockout finale – an finishing that didn’t happen, sparking waves of boos native the live crowd.