Sure, Paul made enough money to retire ~ his 2nd pro fight. However you have the right to bet he"s already thinking about his following opponent.

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"We need to see what renders the most financial sense, but it"s walk to be something big," Guadalupe Valencia, that is Paul"s boxing advisor, called ESPN. "Everything the does from this moment forward, he"s the "A" side. It"s constantly going to be big. That"s just the method it is. That"s just the fact after today."

Valenica"s comment are key here, if you want to recognize Paul"s future in the sports that"s branched out of his YouTube career. Every little thing going forward, just like everything prior to Mayweather, will be around money and clout. Let"s handle money first. Sunday"s fight, if friend had any doubt, left both Mayweather and also Paul in (very) comfortable organization spots. As part of the fight agreement, Mayweather nabbed a $10 million base salary and also 50 percent of the pay-per-view shares. Together for Logan? A $250,000 base, v 10 percent that shares. For what it"s worth, Paul told TMZ that he ballparked his final earnings in ~ $20 million, which method that he could easily call it a job on this boxing thing, retire, and also enjoy the dough. Yet we know that"s not going to happen.

"Let me acquire a tiny good," Paul said after the fight. "And then because that sure, I"ll be placing on prizefights. That"s the answer. I"m sure there"s a list of enemies on Twitter. People chirping, speak this and also saying that. I"ll choose one. Make him fucking acquire embarrassed. I don"t know. We"ll see."

There"s the next multimillion-dollar question: who will Paul take on next? Well, if girlfriend ask his YouTube compatriots, many would favor to check out the recent Masked Singer alum complete his boxing trilogy through British rapper-YouTuber-star KSI. That option would most likely net him one of the enlarge payouts that anything that might right now have ~ above the table. Or, he might follow the route of his brother, Jake—inching his way into boxing legitimacy by taking on retired MMA fighters. Logan actually could even hit Jake, someday—a possibility he hasn"t ruled the end yet. Regardless, expect that Paul"s next fight will certainly be top top par with—or, more likely, much exceed—the spectacle the the Mayweather event.

"The following fight is going to it is in bigger," Valencia included to ESPN. "Bigger than Floyd. The went eight rounds through Floyd. His following fight is going to be also bigger, due to the fact that now he"s the human being they desire to see fight. Ns don"t understand what Floyd is law next, however people desire to watch what Logan is act next."