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Jeff Bezos, left, in ~ the opened ceremony in 2013 because that the Bezos center for Innovation, at Seattle's Museum of background and Industry. David Ryder/Getty photos

Bezos" $10 million approve was supplied to develop the museum"s Bezos center for Innovation, i m sorry highlights service providers that have gotten their beginning in Seattle — consisting of Microsoft, Costco, Boeing, and also UPS.

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The innovation facility was officially unveiled in October 2013. The Museum of background and industry is simply a few blocks native Amazon"s headquarter near downtown Seattle.


Bezos speaking at the Princeton University beginning ceremony in 2010. Princeton University/YouTube

The $15 million donation go toward developing a center studying neurological obstacle at Princeton Neuroscience Institute. The Bezos facility for Neural Circuit Dynamics opened in so late 2013 on Princeton"s campus in new Jersey.

Jeff Bezos and his ex-wife, MacKenzie, are both graduates the Princeton University. Jeff Bezos studied electric engineering and also computer science, if MacKenzie Bezos majored in English.


solemn event in Seattle after voter passed a referendum in 2012 legalizing same-sex marriage in Washington. AP Photo/Ted S. Warren

Jeff and MacKenzie Bezos, who were tho married at the time, donated $2.5 million to a group called Washington unified for Marriage. The team was elevating funds because that a campaign for Referendum 74, a state referendum that would certainly legalize same-sex marital relationship in Washington if approved.

The donation from the Jeff and MacKenzie Bezos doubled the organization"s project fundraising, follow to CNN Money. The referendum showed up on the ballot in November 2012 and also was approved.


Jeff Bezos holds increase an Amazon Kindle Paperwhite in 2012. Reuters/Gus Ruelas

Bezos pledged fifty percent a million dollars come Worldreader, a nonprofit the supplies kids in underdeveloped countries with access to digital books and also e-readers. Bezos" donation walk toward boosting the organization"s program in afri countries, including Kenya, Ghana, Uganda, and Rwanda.

May 2016: $1 million pledge to match donations to Mary's Place, a homeless non-profit in Seattle.

The homeless shelter located inside Amazon's office room in Seattle. Amazon

In 2016, Bezos pledged to enhance up come $1 million in donations offered to mar Place throughout Seattle"s annual GiveBig job of philanthropy. Mary"s Place, a non-profit that gives housing to Seattle"s homeless population, surpassed its $1 million goal that year, bringing the organization"sfundraising complete to much more than $2 million.

Although this is the only donation Mary"s Place has received indigenous Bezos personally, Amazon has turned component of that office room in Seattleinto a homeless shelter (pictured above).

Jeff Bezos (left) speaks through Marty Baron, the executive, management editor that the Washington Post, the publication owned through the Amazon CEO. inda Davidson / The Washington post via Getty photos

The $1 million gift was the largest personal contribution ever at the moment to the nonprofit, i m sorry advocates and provides sources for journalists and very first Amendment rights. The Reporters Committee for flexibility of the Press" executive director referred to as the donation "an institution-changing gift" because that the nonprofit.

Jeff Bezos own The Washington Post, a historic newspaper the bought because that $250 million in august 2013.

January 2018: $33 million come, a nonprofit the funds college scholarships because that immigrants.

Jeff Bezos, right, and also his dad, Miguel Bezos. Kevin Mazur/Getty pictures for Statue the Liberty-Ellis Island structure

Bezos donated enough to money the college education and learning of 1,000 "Dreamers," immigrants that were carried to the united state as children. The $33 million donation came throughout a time as soon as President Donald trump attempted come endthe Deferred action for Childhood Arrivals routine — well-known as DACA — under which these children were safeguarded from deportation and allowed to work legally in the US.

Bezos claimed the donation to be a nod to his father, Miguel Bezos, that fled come the united state from Cuba once he was 15. He later went on to attend college and also work as an technician at Exxon.

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos. Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty pictures for WIRED25

Bezos" very first major politics donation to be a $10 million donation to v Honor, a bipartisan PAC that backs army veterans running for choice to Congress.

September 2018: $97.5 million to assistance educational programs because that homeless households through the launch of Bezos job One Fund.

YouTube/Amazon News

The Bezos job One money is named after the Amazon CEO"s ancient "Day 1" means of thinking. Bezos has actually pledged $2 billion, and also said the plans to use the charity to support homeless families and also launch education and learning programs in underserved communities.

The an initial round the donations, announced in November 2018, go toward organizations supporting homeless families throughout the US.

November 2019: $98.5 million to fighting homelessness, the 2nd round of capital from Bezos day One Fund.

David Ryder/Getty pictures

In its second round the donations, the Bezos work One money donated $98.5 million come 32 establishments in 23 different states come "support your meaningful, high-impact occupational to carry out shelter and also support because that young family members in communities throughout the country."

Bezos" 2nd round that donations was unique in that charities to be not offered specifications on how they have the right to allocate and also spend the money they were given.

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Today, ns thrilled to announce ns am launching the Bezos earth Fund.⁣⁣⁣ ⁣⁣⁣ Climate change is the best threat come our planet. I desire to work-related alongside rather both come amplify recognized ways and to explore brand-new ways the fighting the devastating impact of climate readjust on this planet we all share. This global initiative will fund scientists, activists, NGOs — any type of effort that provides a real possibility to help preserve and also protect the herbal world. We can save Earth. That going to take collective activity from large companies, tiny companies, country states, worldwide organizations, and individuals. ⁣⁣⁣ ⁣⁣⁣ i’m committing $10 exchange rate to start and will begin issuing grants this summer. Planet is the one point we all have actually in usual — let’s safeguard it, together.⁣⁣⁣ ⁣⁣⁣ - Jeff

A post shared by Jeff Bezos (

Bezos announced the launch of the Bezos planet Fund in February ~ above Instagram. In the post, Bezos stated the plan would fund scientists, activists, and also non-profit organizations — "any effort that offers a real possibility to assist preserve and also protect the natural world."

The money follows farming pressure native Amazon employees for the company to do much more to combat climate change. Adhering to the earth Fund announcement, some critics called top top Bezos to make alters to Amazon"s service — such as reducing the quantity of packaging for Amazon deliveries — prior to focusing top top world-changing projects.