Two year after las Vegan James Holzhauer captivated the game-show civilization during a 32-game “Jeopardy!” success streak, Matt Amodio winner his 33rd video game Friday come overtake him.

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Move over “Jeopardy! James” and also make means for the “Amodio Rodeo.”

Two years after James Holzhauer captivated the game-show world during a 32-game “Jeopardy!” victory streak, Matt Amodio gone beyond the ras Vegas professional sports bettor Friday through his 33rd win on the well-known quiz show.

Amodio, a Yale Ph.D. Student and also Medina, Ohio, native, now has actually the second-longest success streak in the show’s 38-year background behind Ken Jennings, who won 74 gamings in 2004.

“Ken’s constantly been the confront of ‘Jeopardy!’ come me, so as soon as I think of ‘Jeopardy!’, i think that him,” Amodio said. “To (be) right behind him is a surreal experience.”

Holzhauer used a sporting activities betting analogy to placed Amodio’s success in perspective.

“It’s prefer hitting a 33-game parlay in sporting activities betting, and there’s a reason you never ever see anyone execute that,” that told the Review-Journal via email. “Something or someone always trips you increase eventually.”

On Wednesday, the day prior to Amodio suitable Holzhauer’s mark, he posted a tribute to him ~ above Twitter, creating that “Tomorrow top top #Jeopardy I have the possibility to repeat everybody how much much better than me
James_Holzhauer is in precise every way.

“It would be an respect to it is in unfavorably compared to a human being I admire so much!”

Amodio was referencing Holzhauer’s large lead in winnings ~ above the show. Despite having a longer win streak, Amodio is quiet only around halfway toward equivalent Holzhauer’s winnings top top the show. V 33 games, Amodio has actually won $1.27 million, and also Holzhauer won $2.46 million.

“I think many ‘Jeopardy’ fans measure up (a player) by the variety of games won,” Holzhauer said. “But ns can’t go to the SuperBook home window and put 32 games on the Chiefs -7.”

Holzhauer to be on the cusp of happen Jennings’ record of $2.52 million in winnings (regular play only) as soon as he lost his 33rd video game to college of Chicago librarian Emma Boettcher.

A indigenous of Naperville, Illinois, Holzhauer has the peak 10 clues on the “Jeopardy!” single-game winnings list, consisting of six wins the at least $100,000 and the document of $131,127.

Holzhauer, who freshly wrapped up his 2nd season that ABC’s quiz display “The Chase,” stated he hasn’t watched “Jeopardy!” “in forever.”

It wouldn’t be surprising if Holzhauer faced Amodio in an additional “Jeopardy! The biggest of every Time” tournament, i m sorry took ar in January 2020 and likewise featured Jennings and former champion Brad Rutter.

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“I’m certain Sony saw how much money they made from GOAT and also would love to carry out it again,” Holzhauer said. “But it has to be complicated to come up with a title that can contend with ‘Greatest of all Time.’”

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