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EMERYVILLE, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Jamba Juice company (NASDAQ: JMBA) announced this day the acquisition of Talbott Teas™, a Chicago-based boutique, premium tea company, newly profiled top top ABC-TV’s “Shark Tank”. Talbott Teas founder, certified master tea blender, Shane Talbott, has a unique talent because that blending specialty ingredient to produce exceptional, award-winning teas the appeal to tea aficionados and also conventional consumer alike, and also which Oprah Winfrey selected as one of her “Favorite Things” in 2010.

“Talbott Teas is component of our strategy for growth through the salvation of way of life specialty brands the fit well v the Jamba brand and also our positioning as a top health and wellness company,” stated James D. White, Chairman, President, and CEO, Jamba Juice Company. “Jamba share Shane’s appointment to using the finest quality ingredients to develop premium tea blends that are flavorful and also healthful, however designed v a flair that only a visionary trendsetter might achieve. I welcome his imagination on our team.”

Steeped in style and wrapped in museum quality, designer packaging, Talbott Teas is reinventing the premium tea group with their luxurious, but accessible collection that caffeinated and decaffeinated loose leaf, all-natural teas combined with genuine fruit, flowers, herbs and spices to produce delightfully decadent flavor profiles. Talbott Teas tea blends are accessible in 23 customizable flavors, consisting of the award winning “Chocolate Lover” teas. All tea blends room made native high quality ingredients, certified free-trade and 100% herbal with no man-made flavors, preservatives, or colors.

Talbott Teas appeared on the “Shark Tank”, i beg your pardon airs Fridays from 8:00-9:00 p.m. ET ~ above the ABC television Network, offers nascent entrepreneurs the possibility to dramatically transform the course of their business by do a possible deal through the Sharks --self-made millionaires searching for innovative investment deals to bankroll. When on the show, the co-founder of Talbott Teas received an market from endeavor capitalist Kevin O’Leary, who succeeding to the present worked with fellow Sharks Daymond John and also Barbara Corcoran to seal a enlarge deal with the top leading nationwide smoothie and specialty healthy and balanced lifestyle brand, Jamba Juice.

“Jamba is a progressive, specialty beverage brand v a passion for creating innovative, trendy offerings that support healthier lifestyles,” stated Shane Talbott, founder Talbott Teas. “Jamba has wide reach and also appeal among consumers who are seeking premium commodities at affordable pricing that space better-for-you and good tasting. The Sharks connected us with Jamba Juice and we might not have uncovered a much better company with whom come align and also grow our brand.”

Talbott Teas’ commodities are easily accessible online in ~ QVC, fine retailers, and the Talbott Teas website and specialty retailers, gourmet grocers, salon spas, choose luxury hotels and restaurants throughout the Chicagoland area. Talbott Teas will also be obtainable for sale at Jamba Juice locations. The acquisition of Talbott Teas is part of Jamba’s strategy to accelerate growth through the salvation of specialty, lifestyle brands that support Jamba’s expansion into brand-new and appropriate product categories.

about Jamba Juice Company

founded in 1990, Jamba Juice company (NASDAQ: JMBA) is a top restaurant retailer that better-for-you beverage and also food offerings, i beg your pardon include good tasting fruit smoothies, fresh juices and also teas, warm oatmeal made with organic steel reduced oats, fruit and also veggie smoothies, Whirl’ns™ Frozen Yogurt, breakfast wraps, sandwiches and also wraps, California Flatbreads™, and a variety of baked goods and also snacks. Together of January 3, 2012, there to be 750 places in the United says consisting that 307 Company-owned and also operated stores and also 443 franchise-operated stores. In addition, together of January 3, 2012 there to be 19 global locations. For more information on Jamba Juice, please visit:, end up being a fan on on facebook at or follow us on Twitter

About Talbott Teas

Talbott Teas was started in 2003 by Shane Talbott, previous owner that the extremely regarded Troupe salon and spa in Chicago and also stylist to the stars. Utilizing only Fair trade Certified tea growers, Talbott Teas creatively combines the finest all natural and organic whole-leaf teas which room artfully blended with fruit, flowers, herbs, and spices, to develop sophisticated, elegant tea blends, free of man-made flavors, colors, and also preservatives. Talbott Teas is a way of life brand that offers consumers a healthy and tasteful experience through its collection of luxury, designer, whole-leaf teas and also accessories that space steeped in style. Profiled on the Oprah Winfrey show and selected as among Oprah’s “Favorite Things” in 2010, Talbott Teas are obtainable in 23 blends. For much more information on wherein to purchase Talbott Teas visit ours website at

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