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The former YouTube-star-turned-boxer is encountering retired MMA star Ben Askren. It"s a action up in competition native his previous fights, which were against fellow YouTuber AnEsonGib and also former NBA player Nate Robinson. Askren supplies Paul a chance at legitimacy, even though this will be Askren"s an initial boxing match.

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Paul and Askren have already made many of money in their really different careers, but this fight will offer fairly the payout because that each.

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How lot will Jake Paul knife vs. Ben Askren?

Jake Paul has actually a $690,000 salary because that his fight versus Ben Askren, every MMA Fighting. But he will likely earn even more than that. In an interview with ESPN"s Mark Raimondi in December, Paul revealed the made "eight figures" for his fight versus Nate Robinson (which is a minimum the $10 million).

"My deal was developed into the back-end framework of just how well the occasion performed," Paul said. "The occasion performed incredibly well."

It wouldn"t be out of the question for Paul to have actually a comparable deal in location for this struggle considering it"s likewise on Triller. Paul is an investor in Triller and likely will obtain a percent of the PPV earnings for this fight.

How much will Ben Askren earn vs. Jake Paul?

Ben Askren has a $500,000 salary for his fight against Jake Paul, every MMA Fighting. 

It"s feasible Askren"s contract additionally includes bonuses on optimal of the base salary, yet even if the doesn"t, half a million isn"t too negative a payout because that a man who to be retired.

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Jake Paul vs. Ben Askren hit salaries

Interestingly, neither Paul no one Askren has the greatest payout among the battle aircraft on the card. The belongs to Regis Prograis, who has a base salary of $850,000.

Here is the full list:

Ben Askren: $500,000Jake Paul: $690,000Ivan Redkach: $250,000Regis Prograis: $850,000Frank Mir: $350,000Steve Cunningham: $150,000Reykon: $80,000Joe Fournier: $220,000

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