President trumped boards naval One at the White home with his grandchildren Joseph and also Arabella Kushner before departing come Joint basic Andrews for a pilgrimage to Florida on march 3. (Ricky Carioti/The Washington Post)

President Trump’s 2018 spending plan proposal is unabashed in that goal: slashing or eradicating a variety of social and also research programs to offset brand-new spending top top defense and also homeland security. That emphasis quickly met with vast criticism, including from some who stated an noticeable contradiction. Trump areas a heavy focus on cutting waste and also targets for elimination program that, in some cases, price the government only a couple of million dollars a year. That is a most money in the context of the quantity of money girlfriend or I invest in a year, however in the context of the government, spending a million dollars is favor someone through a $50,000-a-year value spending one penny.

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What really jumped out at part people, though, was that Trump to be proposing cuts to some fairly low-cost program shortly prior to he prepared to paris to his Mar-a-Lago resort in Florida. Follow to an evaluation from Politico, it is a trip that costs around $3 million each time — and it’s a pilgrimage that he’s made four times this year.

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If the $3 million calculation is true, he might have sponsor the U.S. Interagency council on Homelessness — budgeted in ~ $4 million in 2016 — for practically four year if he’d simply stayed in the White House.

Others listed the cost of protecting very first lady Melania Trump and also the Trumps’ young son, Barron, at Trump Tower. Quickly after the election, a CNN Money report indicated that protecting Trump’s household in new York expense $1 million a day. If they instead joined him at the White House, that course, that expense would basically be eliminated.

Combined, these costs could do Trump’s presidency awfully expensive, particularly in irradiate of that proposed budget.

We have the right to start with the trump Tower number. The million-dollars-a-day figure was sourced to three city officials, reflecting the city’s costs.

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In February, the city of brand-new York detailed precisely how much it had actually been spending come provide extr security at Trump’s home. Between the election and the inauguration, when Trump to be living there together president-elect, the city spent about $308,000 a day. Once Trump relocated to Washington, the city expects the the cost will be up to $145,000 a day as soon as Trump no visiting. (He hasn’t due to the fact that being inaugurated.) it is sharply lower than $1 million a day.