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Donald Trump and also Hillary Clinton spent large on facebook ads critical year front of November’s presidential election.

The two candidates and also their campaigns spent a combined $81 million ~ above ads, according to Facebook general Counsel Colin Stretch, that unveiled the number during a congressional hearing Wednesday concentrated on Russia’s effort to use social platforms to interfere in the election. Facebook made around $28 exchange rate in revenue in 2016, most of the from advertising.

The $81 million number was brought up in to compare to just how much money was invested by accounts v Kremlin ties. Facebook insurance claims that Russian-backed accounts spent around $100,000 on around 3,000 on facebook ads intended to spread out misinformation. (Here space a couple of examples the those ads.)

The takeaway indigenous Facebook here is that the ads native Russia stood for a very small part of the all at once advertising that was walk on around the election.

This has actually been a key argument from Facebook, Twitter and Google throughout this entirety process: contents from Russian-controlled accounts was just a fall in the bucket contrasted to every one of the other ads and also posts civilization could have actually seen on their respective services.

Still, on facebook admitted Wednesday the as many as 146 million civilization in the U.S. May have seen a short article or advertisement from one account through Russian ties ~ above either on facebook or Instagram. Originally, the company estimated that just 10 million human being had seen the 3,000 ads. Now we understand over a hundred million an ext also observed the organic contents posted indigenous these exact same accounts.

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