The Duke and Duchess of Sussex obtained a "substantial sum" from Prince Charles until last summer, Clarence House has actually said.

Prince Harry formerly told Oprah Winfrey his family reduced him turn off financially ~ he and also wife Meghan "stepped back" indigenous being senior royals.

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The Duke and Duchess the Sussex announced in January 2020 that they want to stop being working members that the imperial Family and also would "work towards" being financially independent.

During the couple's interview v Oprah Winfrey in March, Harry stated "my household literally cut me off financially" in "the an initial quarter of 2020".

However, Prince Charles's accounts suggest around £4.5m to be spent funding the activities of both the pair and the Duke and also Duchess that Cambridge throughout the 2020-21 gaue won year, which began in April 2020.

A senior Clarence house spokesperson claimed the Prince of Wales had actually allocated "a an extensive sum" to support their change to jae won independence. "That funding ceased in the summer of last year. The pair are currently financially independent."

A spokesperson for the Sussexes stated there was no difference in the timeline, and that Harry to be referring to the an initial quarter the the gaue won year (April come June) and not the calendar year (January to March).

Prince William and Prince Harry received the bulk of the £13m luck left by their mother Princess Diana.

Speaking the their relocate to the US, the told Oprah that "I've gained what mine mum left me and also without that we wouldn't have been may be to do this".

Prince bother is additionally thought to have actually been left numerous pounds by his great-grandmother, the Queen Mother, claims royal correspondent Nick Witchell.

During her acting career, the Duchess the Sussex earned a report payment of $50,000 (£38,300) per episode for the legitimate drama Suits. She likewise ran a lifestyle blog, and designed her own fashion line because that a Canadian brand.

The couple were no paid because that the interview through Oprah, but since moving come the united state they have made deals with streaming solutions Netflix and also Spotify. There has actually been speculation that these deals room worth millions.

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They have set up one organisation called Archewell, which has production eight alongside a non-profit foundation.

When the couple lived in the UK they were provided a defense detail provided by the city Police. It's not known how much this cost.

After the Canadian government announced it would stop offering security for the family, Harry and Meghan decided to move to the US.

There, American billionaire and also media mogul Tyler Perry offered the pair a home to stay in and also security during the early on months that lockdown, the couple revealed.

Asked by Oprah how the couple would respond come accusations of being "money-grabbing", Prince Harry said the encounters Netflix and Spotify to be "never component of the plan", but were necessary.

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"From mine perspective every I needed was sufficient money to have the ability to pay for security, to save my family members safe," that said.

Before deciding to step ago from their imperial duties, 95% that the couple's income came native Prince Charles's earnings from the Duchy the Cornwall.

Money from the Duchy - just over £5m in complete in 2018-19 - covered the windy duties of Prince Harry and also Meghan, and the Duke and also Duchess that Cambridge, and also some that their personal costs.

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This approve is paid from the federal government to the Royal family to cover prices for official duties and also looking after imperial palaces. It to be worth a complete of £85.9m critical year and also is funded by earnings from the Crown estate - advertisement properties owned by the Crown.

The Duke and Duchess announced in September that they had repaid the £2.4m price of renovating their home, Frogmore cottage in Windsor, a bill originally footed through the UK taxpayer.


An elevation commercial building business and also one the the largest property portfolios in the UKThe bulk of assets space in London, but the estate additionally owns residential property in Scotland, Wales and Northern IrelandHoldings incorporate Windsor good Park and also Ascot racecourse, yet most is residential and commercial propertyManaged through an live independence organisation, with any kind of profit paid to the Treasury because that the advantage of all UK taxpayersFunds the Sovereign approve which supports official royal duties and also maintains the occupied royal palaces