Millions of americans will likely spend component of their Christmas work watching gal Gadot crush some villains in Wonder mrs 1984. The superhero flick will open up in theaters on Dec. 25 and also be available to present on HBO Max the exact same day. It’s the very first of more than a dozen brand-new movies native Warner Bros. That will certainly be heading right to streaming in 2021. 

The relocate to instant streaming ease of access might pleasure movie fans, who will be able to watch the latest releases in the comfort and safety of their own homes. But it’s bring about an uproar in Hollywood, with many wondering what the readjust to timeless release schedules means for the future of the sector — and also for huge movie star salaries.

Gal Gadot is gaining paid $10 million because that ‘Wonder mrs 1984’ 

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Wonder woman 1984 will beat on the big screen, yet pandemic-related theater closures and the reality that the film will be obtainable to stream means that box office take because that the big-budget movie will be far smaller than expected. That might have meant a considerably reduced payday because that Gadot and the film’s director Patty Jenkins, who compensation to be tied to the film’s all at once success at the box office. But thanks to a deal worked out with Warner Bros., both will certainly still knife eight figures for their work-related on the movie. 

Gadot will earn more than $10 million because that Wonder woman 1984, according to a Dec. 7 report in the brand-new York Times. Jenkins will likewise earn an ext than $10 million. The numbers room in line with what both would have actually likely earned if the movie had actually a traditional theatrical release. 

Some feeling the ‘Wonder mrs 1984’ star acquired special treatment 


Gal Gadot | Matt Winkelmeyer/VF20/WireImage

When Warner Bros. Decided it wanted to relax Wonder mrs 1984 on HBO Max top top Christmas Day, that approached both Gadot and Jenkins to acquire them ~ above board v the plan before do a windy announcement, according to the Times. That intended working the end an agreement to ensure key players affiliated in the movie wouldn’t take a gaue won hit as result of the transition to streaming. 

Other stars didn’t gain such a heads up. As soon as Warner Bros. Revealed it would be releasing its whole 2021 movie slate on HBO Max, many human being were shocked, follow to the report indigenous the Times. Amongst other questions, countless were wondering exactly how they would be getting paid. And also representatives because that a raft that big-name stars — including Denzel Washington, Margot Robbie, will Smith, and also Keanu Reeves — want to know why they will do been preserved in the dark around the move when Gadot was educated in advance. 

Washington, that stars in the upcoming thriller The tiny Things, which is scheduled for relax on Jan. 29, 2021, was amongst those blindsided through the news. Resources told the Hollywood Reporter that Washington was no happy with the means the decision to be made, despite he would have been willing to negotiate a attend to the studio comparable to Gadot’s. The directors Guild that America also complained about a “lack that transparency” in a letter come Warner Bros. (via Deadline). 

Lawsuits might be on the horizon 

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Insiders to speak lawsuits might be looming because that Warner Bros. 

“I would certainly have dubbed my lawyer and said, ‘Are they permitted to do this?’” producer Jason Blum claimed on the KCRW podcast The Business.

“They have 17 teams of world who think castle did was gonna hit, and as a an outcome of hitting, this is exactly how much extr money they to be going come make,” that went on come say. “They have actually to resolve 17 teams of human being who every say, ‘I desire to get paid as if mine movie did a billion dollars favor you did because that Wonder Woman. Clearly, they can’t perform that.”