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Logan Paul"s struggle vs. Floyd Mayweather Jr. Is set to earn the YouTube star sufficient money come retire ~ above — i m sorry he really well can do.

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The elder Paul brother, 0-1 in his professional boxing career, is set to take it on "Money" in an exhibition bout on Sunday in hard Rock stadium (Miami Gardens, Fla.).

“I"m going come knock (Mayweather) out and also become the greatest boxer ~ above the planet. Then I"m going come retire and not give Floyd the rematch … the doesn"t know who he"s obtaining in the ring with," Paul stated Saturday (via Showtime). "He yes, really thinks I"m a YouTuber. He really thinks I"m a fake fighter."

Paul"s lone experienced fight was a split-decision lose to other YouTuber KSI, whom Paul had beaten formerly in an exhibition match. Mayweather, meanwhile, is 50-0 all-time with 27 knockouts. His critical fight was in August 2017, a 10th-round TKO that UFC legend Conor McGregor. "Money" additionally made fast work that kickboxer Tenshin Nasukawa in a Dec. 31, 2018, exhibition match.

Regardless of who wins on Sunday, both fighters space expected to make some significant money for their exhibition. Here"s every little thing you must know about their match:

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How much will Logan Paul knife vs. Floyd Mayweather Jr.?

Mayweather-Paul has actually no main payout figures, despite both fighters have commented on just how much money they think is on the table with the $49.99 pay-per-view event dispersed by Showtime.

According come a report from sportingfree.com, Paul is intended to get a $250,000 base salary, add to 10 percent that pay-per-view shares. The YouTube star suggested in a might 11 interview with TMZ the he might make as lot as $20 million from the fight. Based upon his estimation and also SportingFree"s report, that would typical the fight rakes in at the very least $200 million in PPV dollars.

How lot will Floyd Mayweather Jr. Earn vs. Logan Paul?

SportingFree report Mayweather was guaranteed $10 million in basic salary and also 50 percent pay-per-view shares — a significant amount an ext than Paul is intended to make. Choose his opponent, Mayweather likewise speculated top top the amount of money the stood to do in a march 15 interview with the Disruptive businessman podcast:

“I deserve to fight a fighter right now and also I have the right to guarantee myself $35 million," Mayweather said. “I can ultimately probably do $50 million, for simply a constant fight. Or me and Logan Paul deserve to go out, entertain, have actually fun and make ripe figures, $100 million or more.

“$35 million for 12 ring or $100 million for 6 rounds — big difference.”

Subtracting his reported guarantee that $10 million, the would typical Mayfield expects the fight come make approximately $180 million in pay-per-view dollars — no too far off Paul"s estimation.

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Floyd Mayweather Jr. Vs. Logan Paul fight salaries

None of the fight earnings on the Mayweather-Paul card is windy knowledge. The Badou Jack-Jean Pascal was set to be an enticing and rewarding co-main event, though it has actually been postponed since Pascal failure a PED test and backed out of the fight.

With that, here is the complete undercard, sans Jack-Pascal:

Floyd Mayweather Jr. Vs. Logan PaulJarrett Hurd vs. Louis AriasChad Johnson vs. Brian Maxwell

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