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Donald Trump regularly talks around his success as a businessman creating thousands of jobs. However Marco Rubio says Trump solid pulled that off top top his own.

Among their numerous testy exchanges in ~ the Republican debate in Detroit on march 3, 2016, was exactly how much riches Trump inherited.

"He talks about these great businesses that he's built," Rubio said. "He inherited over $100 million."

Trump interjected: "Wrong. Wrong. Wrong."

Trump added, "First that all, I obtained a speak to from my sister and brother tonight, and also they said, ‘We had actually no idea Dad offered you $200 million.’ believe me, I started off through $1 million. I developed a company that's worth an ext than $10 billion. And also I say it not in a bragging way, yet that's the sort of reasoning we need."

Did trump card inherit end $100 million as Rubio claimed at the march 3 debate? Trump go inherit money, however we might find no independent means to check the amount, so we room not rating the explain on ours Truth-O-Meter. However, us will evaluation what we execute know about Trump's finances.

Trump’s inheritance

We asked a Rubio spokesman for his proof that trumped inherited an ext than $100 million. (Rubio cited an even higher number that $200 million in ~ a Feb. 25 debate.)

"The evidence would it is in on Donald Trump's tax returns right? guess: v he'll should shoot those on end to disprove the claim," Joe Pounder called "Until then, all we have actually is his word that his inheritance was split among family members All we understand is there was an inheritance of approximately $200 million. Donald Trump has never discussed the inheritance."

But news reports show that it’s a little bit of a mystery how much Trump inherited native his father, Fred Sr. Once he passed away in 1999, the new York time reported the "his estate has been approximated by the household at $250 million to $300 million." The brand-new York everyday News reported at the time that the estate was worth $100 million to $300 million based on family estimates.

But exactly how was it divvied up? That’s something that reporters have tried to kind out during the 2016 race.

The brand-new York time reported Jan. 2 that Fred Sr.’s will certainly "divided the bulk of the inheritance, at the very least $20 million, amongst his children and also their descendants, ‘other than my boy Fred C. Trump Jr.’ "

Some of the grandchildren sued, and an "amicable" negotiation was worked out.

But Donald Trump received money indigenous his dad long prior to his death.

A National newspaper writer, S.V. Dáte, approximated Trump started with $40 million in 1974 when he came to be president of his father’s actual estate company. Through one estimate, the firm was worth about $200 million. Divided among Donald Trump and his 4 siblings, each would have actually received $40 million.

But the firm wasn’t liquidated that year, therefore Trump didn’t receive that as cash.

In 1982, after to run his father’s firm for eight years, Forbes magazine approximated Trump’s precious at $200 million.

Pounder cited a pair other articles about Trump’s career and also wealth or his father, but neither described how much he inherited.

A trumped spokeswoman disagreed through Rubio’s claim however did not provide any evidence to refute it.

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Rubio has a point that trumped isn’t entirely a self-made man. Trumped took end his father’s business, and also he inherited money once his dad died. Verifying the certain amounts continues to be difficult.