WASHINGTON – Andrew Gillum will need to rely on the court if that has any kind of chance to come to be Florida"s very first black governor.

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A recount of an ext than 8 million ballots that finished Thursday afternoon evidenced that Republican Ron DeSantis to win the democratic Tallahassee market in the nationally watched race that galvanized progressives throughout the country.

The final tally, top to certification next week, to be 4,075,445 for DeSantis and also 4,041,762 for Gillum.

The margin of victory was enough for DeSantis, a former congressman representing Jacksonville, to stop a hand recount of questionable ballots set aside for more review. The had currently assembled a transition team come prepare because that his ascendance as Florida"s 46th governor.

But Gillum is not conceding. He and also his supporters believe there is still a course to victory: lawsuits that could add much more votes in assistance of him.

“A vote denied is justice refuse — the State of Florida should count every legally actors vote," Gillum stated in a statement after ~ the recount totals were released. "As today’s unofficially reports and recent court proceedings do clear, there room tens of thousands of votes that have yet to be counted. We arrangement to perform all we have the right to to ensure the every voice is heard in this process. Voters need to understand that their decision to participate in this election, and every election, matters. The is no over till every legit casted poll is counted.”

The deadline because that the recount to be 3 p.m. Eastern typical Time Thursday however Palm coast County, a democratic stronghold, go not finish its recount. It was the only one of Florida"s 67 counties the failed to execute so. A sue filed through Democrats can find much more votes because that Gillum there, for example.

After election Day, DeSantis, led Gillum by fewer 보다 34,000 votes or a margin of .409 percent. In ~ the time, the gyeongju was one of three under a statewide mandated recount. Margins in the Senate and state"s farming commissioner were likewise under the half-percent margin needed to automatically trigger a device recount.

After the recount, the margin barely changed.

Gillum, 39, had actually attracted a national complying with as the sought to do history.

Potential 2020 presidential candidates Joe Biden and Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., campaigned for him and also he was often featured on national news shows after he score an unexpected win in the democratic gubernatorial main in August.

But he was continually dogged by ethical issues, including his acceptance of tickets to the hit Broadway present "Hamilton," a lavish trip to Costa Rica with lobbyist pals, and also a fundraiser underwritten by an undercover FBI agent.

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The win by DeSantis, 40, who is one ardent support of president Donald Trump, keeps the governor"s mansion in GOP hands, where it has actually been because 1999.


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