The former new York City mayor ended his bid for the democratic nomination previously this month after a bad showing on supervisor Tuesday.

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Mike Bloomberg speak at a campaign event in Detroit ~ above Feb. 4, 2020.Bill Pugliano / Getty photos file
Michael Bloomberg, the billionaire previous mayor of new York City, spent virtually a exchange rate dollars ~ above his lengthy shot presidential bid, according to his campaign’s last financial disclosure report exit Friday.

Bloomberg invested $936,225,041.67 top top the campaign, i m sorry lasted approximately three months. More than fifty percent of that total was spent in the month the February — about $470 million. That had an ext than $60 million cash top top hand at the finish of February.

Bloomberg jumped into the 2020 presidential gyeongju late and used his an individual wealth come bankroll an unconventional campaign, which had lush wages to an army of campaign staffers and organizers and blitzing the airwaves and the web with politics advertisements.

He ended his bid because that the autonomous nomination earlier this month ~ a poor showing on at sight Tuesday. He picked up four delegates in American Samoa that night and also 46 delegates overall.

Bloomberg’ project took the best hit at the ras Vegas debate Feb. 19, his first of the cycle, in which Sen. Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass., laced into him over his past crucial statements around women — calling the “a billionaire who calls women "fat broads" and "horse-faced lesbians"” — prior to demanding top top the spot that he relax the ladies making the allegations against him from your nondisclosure agreements. He later announced he had actually released the women from those agreements.

When he ended his campaign, Bloomberg, however, vowed to continue to be in the hit in an attempt to loss President Donald trump card in November and use his massive project apparatus and also former campaign staffers to occupational to elect whomever the party selects to challenge Trump.

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“After yesterday’s results, the delegate math has end up being virtually difficult — and a viable path to the nomination no much longer exists," Bloomberg stated at the time. "But I continue to be clear-eyed around my overriding objective: victory in November. Not for me, yet for ours country. And so when I will certainly not it is in the nominee, I will not walk far from the most necessary political hit of my life."

Bloomberg said beating Trump means supporting previous Vice chairman Joe Biden, the present front-runner.