Sandra Bullock has been charming audiences and cashing ever an ext absurd paychecks due to the fact that she very first boarded the runaway bus in Speed in 1994. Today, the currently 54-year-old is a mom, one Oscar winner, and also a tho bankable star that many recently, choose so plenty of actors and actresses, took she talents to Netflix because that the entirely creepy Bird Box. She to be the highest-paid actress in the human being in 2010 and 2014. In 2015 she was chosen as People"s Most Beautiful Woman and was had on Time"s list that the 100 most influential people in the world. And to think, she breakout movie role, Speed, payment her just $500,000. Today, Sandra Bullock has actually an astounding network worth the $200 million.

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Sandra Bullock to be born ~ above July 26, 1964 in Arlington, Virginia to John, a Pentagon employee from Alabama and also Helga, one opera singer native Germany. Man met Helga when he was stationed in Nuremberg. They married in Germany and moved come Arlington wherein John worked as a contractor at the Pentagon. Bullock likewise has a younger sister called Gesine. She spent the first 12 year of she life in Nuremberg, Germany and Vienna and Salzburg Austria. Bullock thrived up speaking German. Once ago in the U.S. Bullock attended Washington-Lee High School, whereby she perform in theater productions and also was a cheerleader. She walk to eastern Carolina University and obtained her BFA in Drama in 1987. After university she relocated to Manhattan and worked together a cloak checker, bartender, and actress while auditioning for roles.

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While in Manhattan, Bullock learned acting v Sanford Meisner. Her first role remained in the created TV movie Bionic Showdown: The six Million dissension Man and the Bionic Woman in 1989. That led to a number a little roles in elevation films and the lead function on the brief lived NBC sitcom Working Girl in 1990. She starred in Love potion No. 9 in 1992,  The Thing dubbed Love, Fire ~ above the Amazon, and also Demolition man in 1993. And also then came Speed in 1994, an international stardom, and ever boosting salaries.


The Net – $250,000

While You to be Sleeping – $1.2 million


A Time to Kill – $8 million

In Love and also War – $10.5 million


Speed 2: Cruise Control – $11 million


Hope Floats – $11 million


28 job – $12.5 million


The George Lopez Show – $10 million. Bullock produced this through her production company Fortis Films

Murder By number – $15 million


Miss Congeniality 2: equipped & Fabulous – $17.5 million


The remote Side – $20,000 salary plus earlier end

In 2010, Sandra Bullock won the Oscar for finest Actress because that her function in The remote Side. The an extremely next movie she signed on to do was Alfonso Cuaron"s epic space drama Gravity. Angelina Jolie, Robert Downey, Jr., Scarlett Johansson, Blake Lively, and also Natalie Portman had all already been approached around the command actress duty and turned it down. The studio, Warner Brothers, climate approached the brand new Oscar winner.

Gravity"s main duty featured one actor on screen for 90% that the movie. The studio knew they necessary a big star to host the audience"s attention and also at that minute in time, no one was bigger than Sandra Bullock. To gain Sandra to sign on come Gravity, Warner Brothers guaranteed her one upfront breakthrough of $20 million add to 15% the the film"s first dollar pistol revenue. Very first dollar gross meant literally because that every dissension the studio ever received because that Gravity, 15% would go to Sandra before any costs for manufacturing or marketing to be taken out. Sandra was likewise entitled come the same percentage earned indigenous DVD rentals, merchandise, TV licensing, etc.

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It took four and a half years to make Gravity. The film to be a smash hit at box offices roughly the world. It at some point earned $270 million domestically and also $435 million overseas. As of June 2019, the film"s total receipts room $723 million. Movie studios generally gain 50% of a film"s crate office revenues, the other fifty percent stays with the theaters. Therefore, Warner Brothers" gross earnings for Gravity were in the $375 – $400 million ~ above a spending plan of $110 million. Sandra"s contract entitled she to 15% the the gross profits after she $20 million advancement was paid back. Making use of the $400 million number, that would average Sandra"s 15% would be precious $57 million, pass her total income native Gravity to a whopping $77 million. Oh, and also Sandra Bullock got an additional Oscar nomination for best Actress.

Since then, Sandra Bullock has actually slowed down a bit. She"s obtained two young kids, after ~ all! She appeared in 2015"s Our Brand is dilemm and 2018"s Ocean"s Eight – which make $290 million an international on a $70m budget. Then Bullock took she acting and also producing credits come Netflix because that Bird Box. According come Netflix, 45 million human being streamed Bird Box in its first week of release – setup a document for the streaming service and proving that 25 year after she damaged through v Speed­ – Sandra Bullock still catches the fist of her audience and that"s why she has $200 million in the bank!