It to be the closest a Democrat came to toppling a Republican incumbent U.S. Senator due to the fact that 1978. And while O"Rourke beat Cruz in some timeless GOP strongholds, the wasn"t sufficient to overcome rural Texas counties and some suburbs that remain fiercely faithful to Cruz.

by kris Essig, Ryan Murphy and Brandon Formby Nov. 7, 201812 PM main


U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz (left) and also U.S. Rep. Beto O'Rourke, D-El Paso, in ~ their very first debate, in Dallas, ~ above Sept. 21, 2018. Credit: Leslie Boorhem-Stephenson because that The Texas Tribune

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U.S. Sen.Ted Cruz defeated Democratic challenger Beto O"Rourkein the race for U.S. Senate. Viewfull 2018 Texas choice resultsorsubscribe toThe Brieffor the recent election news.

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U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz secured a second six-year hatchet Tuesday, helping statewide Republicans directly sail previous Democrats hoping because that a blue wave. Yet the politics waters Cruz navigated to be the choppiest that any type of U.S. Senator native Texas faced because 1978, when Republican incumbent man Tower won re-election against Democrat Bob Krueger by half a portion point, or around 12,000 votes.

With a ns Tuesday night by about 2.6 percentage points or roughly 223,000 votes, U.S. Rep. Beto O"Rourke got closer to toppling one incumbent Republican senator than anyone has in 40 years, which could portend a changing Texas electorate.

O"Rourke unsurprisingly scored huge wins in metropolitan counties like Dallas, Harris and Travis that are typical Democratic strongholds. His victories in suburban counties like fort Bend, exterior of Houston, and Hays and Williamson, external of Austin, suggest that few of the GOP"s timeless firewalls might be cracking. For this reason did a narrow victory in Tarrant — which was, prior to last night, America"s most conservative huge urban county.

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But those victories still weren"t sufficient for O"Rourke to get over Cruz"s popular in countryside Texas and also suburban counties favor Montgomery, outside of Houston, i m sorry went big for the incumbent.