Ever due to the fact that Ken Jennings broke “Jeopardy!” ideal after producers lifted the five-game cap on success streaks, the present has seen countless champions rise and fall, every attempting come beat Jennings’ monolithic record.

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These new competitors come through their very own signature styles, their very own strategies, and also their own details topic strengths and also weaknesses. And also no matter just how much they win, they’re a thrill come watch.


Here, in order of complete earnings, space the many successful “Jeopardy!” champs of every time.

Note: because that consistency, complete winnings are calculated just from regular season shows, not consisting of the Tournament the Champions.

Total winnings: $411,000Consecutive wins: 12While he may not be in ~ the tippy peak of the leaderboard, Austin Rogers definitely won America’s hearts with his antics, bartending career, and also casual technique to interactions v Alex Trebek. The brand-new Yorker racked increase $400,000 over an outstanding 12-day streak, which is a hell of a lot much more than an average night the bar tips.

Total winnings: $411,612Consecutive wins: 13Ever so contempt beating the end Rogers for the number six spot, with a few more dollars and just a work extra top top his streak, Matt Jackson was quick on the buzzer (and top top the following question, occasionally talking end Trebek to gain there). Jackson arrived on the “Jeopardy!” phase in 2014, the exact same year he graduated from Yale, and also his winnings probably went a long means on his university loans.

Total winnings: $428,100Consecutive wins: 20Coming in in ~ number five, the Illinois-native deserve an superior $428,000 throughout her 2014 appearance on the show. Ironically, Collins earned just $1,000 on she last appearance ~ betting huge and missing on final Jeopardy. However weeks of perfect wins placed her among the handful of height earners in the background of the show.

Total winnings: $430,400Consecutive wins: 19It provides sense that Madden would do well ~ above “Jeopardy!” due to the fact that his champion run he has displayed a genuine fondness because that games and trivia, launching a number of academic competitions, including the National history Bee and Bowl, the united States geography Olympiad, and also the national Science Bee, helping communicate elementary and also high college students who may one work surpass his winning streak -- if they deserve to earn end $430,000 the is.

Total winnings: $532,496Consecutive wins: 19Half a million dollars isn’t a bad reward for a few days invested on the “Jeopardy!” stage. The brand-new Mexico math teacher took cues from the number two top earner below, picking turn off high-value ideas to conveniently steamroll all adversaries who to be unlucky sufficient to confront him. Even if it is he was playing quick or slow, though, Zuffranieri it is provided his method onto the top-three podium.

Total winnings: $2,462,216Consecutive wins: 32Holzhauer had actually the biggest shot at smashing Jennings’ record and also he earned almost as much as the champ the champs in just 32 games, many thanks to his distinctive strategy to target high-value clues and “go all in” on every daily Double. If “Jeopardy James” didn’t fairly edge out Jennings for complete winnings, that does hold the location for highest possible single-game win, wade away with $131,127 in a solitary episode.

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Total winnings: $2,520,700Consecutive wins: 74No player has yet to topple king Ken from his perch in ~ the top of the leaderboard. Jennings’ blazing performance in 2004 upended the really logistics the the show, redefining “Jeopardy!” because that the contemporary era. There’s merely never to be a player favor Ken Jennings, and also never been an earner prefer him either.

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